My flashy, materialistic & fantastic generation

Image Gang Welcome back! So everyone likes nice things, right? Handbags, shoes and clothes.. you always want to look and feel your best. With TV programs like 'The rich kids of Instagram' & 'Eamon & Ruth : How the other half lives.' We get an exclusive insight (lucky us) into how the 'others' breathe, I mean live.. [...]

Sexism / Five films that scream girl power #Fistpump

How are you darlings? It's 2017, but sexism is still in the air. Men still get paid more than women in the exact same job roles and men can do whatever they want (if you know what I mean) and be glorified for it, whereas women get called names. Plus people still run in the other [...]

Thank you for the award! / Blogger reconigition award..

Hello, welcome back to my blog, I would just like to say a huge thank you for all the positive feedback and support, I received on my last post. It's great! I am happy to announce I have been nominated for the Blogger recognition award. I am extremely happy as my blog is still fairly [...]

Anxiety : The interview / Relieve your anxiety with Kalms Lavender oil..

Welcome back, personal post alert! This post has been looming over for me so long, I wasn't sure how much I wanted to put out there as it's quite personal. However if it helps and informs people, I'm happy to write it. I've had symptoms of Anxiety recently that I haven't really spoken about. I've [...]

Fancy a midnight snack or dinner after a night out? My top five 24 hour restaurants in London..

So who is hungry? I haven't posted a food / foodie related blog post in so long which is quite surprising considering all I do is eat and indulge at restaurants. I'd also like to announce that I'm part of Time Out's elite user reviewer group, The Time Out Tastemakers, which is extremely exciting. This means that I have the pleasure of going [...]

I was an angry protester for one day / Grenfell Tower Inferno..

Welcome / Welcome back, I hope you are all enjoying the weather if you are based in London. It's been extremely hot, the past few days. Summer really is here! This month has been an extremely sad one in my hometown London. There has been some horrible incidents including the Grenfell Tower inferno and the Finsbury Park [...]

2017 Holiday Wish list // Ten ultimate must have Items you need this summer..

It's summer.. my favourite season of the year. I always talk about how much I love travelling and this post is all about the items,  I want too squeeze in a tiny suitcase, this year. My list includes pool inflatables, (this trend has sucked me in) and a FujiFilm Camera. Shopping for a holiday, is always fun. I am [...]

The Labour perspective / Five Important reasons you should vote Labour today..

Welcome back, how are you guys doing? It's election day so this post is going to be packed full of politics and snazzy informative videos. Before you sigh or huff and puff, Politics isn't always a bore and regardless of how you feel about it, it holds the major key to our future. Labour is the [...]

Binge-Watch & chill? Five Fantastic shows you need to watch right now..

Remember when you're Parents, would tell you your eyes would go square if you watched too much Television? Binge-Watching might actually make your eyes do exactly that. Binge-Watching includes watching multiple episodes of a television programme in rapid (very rapid) succession. I am currently writing this blog post from my hotel room in the Golden [...]

“Who even writes this blog anyway?” My Dreams, hobbies, what’s important to me? And more..

Welcome Back to The Golden Perspective Blog. Currently sitting down on my sofa, with my Hello Kitty Beats on, listening to Purple Rain. The perfect Thursday afternoon if you ask me. Apple Music is still giving me life. Best decision I ever made. Whenever I download a song, I feel like I’m running around in a virtual […]

Freeze fried Ice cream with a twist.. Pan-n-Ice, my new favourite dessert spot in London Town!

Ice Cream is a sweetened frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert.. boring, there's a new definition of Ice Cream in town, ready and waiting to tempt you into leaving all of your other favourite brands and flavours behind. We've had Ben & Jerry's, we have experienced a Snog and we have all cried into our Magnum [...]

I’m back / Why I hate my Louboutin heels and what I love right now!

Welcome back! I'm back and my first post of the year is here.. I thought it would be a fun post to kick start the year with! 2017 has been incredible so far. I've been working, studying and travelling. I'm learning a lot about myself and aiming to be better in everything I do. As you grow older, you learn [...]