Welcome / First Post..

Right my first post. My name is Naomi. I'm 19 years old. I live in West London & I'm a student. That sounds so formal, like I'm applying for a job or something. I'm writing this on the train to work right now in the notes section on my I-phone, hardly the most formal place, so let me try again.. I'm Naomi, my friends call me Nay. This morning on the 13th of February, yes a day before Valentine's Day.. I decided to create a blog. I've thought about creating one many times and I guess I was feeling spontaneous this morning. 
I wanted to create something different, something fresh. I know most people creating a blog start off by saying this and then it just turns into the most cliche blog ever (shade) but I mean it. I'll start off by explaining the name of my blog 'The Golden Perspective'. 

Individual Definition:

Golden - Made or consisting of gold.

Perspective - A particular attitude towards or way of regarding something;a point of view.   

My Definition:

I put the two words together (duh) Gold is shiny, attractive, glittery and important. Perspective, this blog will be about what I think and believe in. However The views of the people that read this blog are very important. Like that guy Mika (that had like 4 really good songs and then disappeared) sang 'we are golden'. Like Yas Bitch, We all are. Let's all be "Golden" and Slay together. 

Anyway this isn't a fashion blog, I'm not gonna tell you how to rip your jeans or tell you how to make your highlight pop. Because I'm simply not good at those things, yeah i get by but I write mostly. I've always loved writing, I guess i like it because it allows me to express myself & I'm in complete control. I often exceed my word limit when writing an essay. I just feel have so much to say. 
About everything. People that know me, may say I'm a drama queen or a chatty box, and I am both of those things and more. Let's talk about why Beyoncé isn't racist for making formation & let's talk about why Kim Kardashian is one of the most talked women on the planet right now. Let's talk about what you think and let's debate on things that happen in our world of today. I'll do weekly takeovers, meaning I'll get someone that can actually help you make your highlight pop to takeover the blog.
I hope you all enjoy the blog, I look forward to posting again.
N xo
P.S look in my contact section in order to find my Email & Twitter.

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