Five YouTubers currently slayin’ the game..

Damn Naomi, Back at it again with another post. Another One, *Dj Khaled voice*.. I’ll be the first to admit that I have been M.I.A since my first post. I’ve had a lot going on, in terms of college and other bits and bobs, however it’s nearly summer which means I’ll have lots of free time to post more. I hope to include some holiday posts on my blog and also write about some of the things I’ll be getting up to in summer, so stay tuned and on fleek for that.

I’d like to speak about my favourite YouTubers at the moment. It changes all the time tbh, I find a new YouTuber I love every day. I feel like I hit that subscribe button every darn hour. YouTube is really poppin’ right now, like who isn’t a YouTuber? I don’t think it’s for everyone but It’s definitely a craze, I mean People love it, and they should, it’s very helpful. And can also be pretty entertaining. I know for a fact I prefer to watch videos rather than make them and when watching videos on YouTube, I would recommend making a YouTube account or as an alternative logging in with your Google account as you can subscribe to your favorite channels and you’ll receive notifications when a channel your subscribed too posts something new, I find having an account makes it easier to keep up with everything and it also allows you to like (thumbs up) and dislike videos (thumbs down) as well as comment which is very important. It also makes everything way more fun.

I watch at least three to four YouTube videos or make up tutorials a day. I find them super helpful, as they often teach me new techniques and tell me which products are worth buying. I love watching reviews as they often help me save money. I watch a lot of American YouTubers, so sometimes I don’t always have access to the products they use, but I try my best to find dupes or similar cheaper products.

I enjoy watching lifestyle videos as well, as it’s just interesting to see how others live and i enjoy being nosey and finding out what people are up too. I would say I’m definitely part of pree patrol. Who doesn’t love a good pree?  I have listed five YouTubers I am currently obsessed with. I have also included links to their YouTube channels and pictures so check them out, give them some love and let me know what you think by tweeting me @NaomiYazminn or commenting below, happy reading.

1) ‘Shalom Blac’, I mean absolutely inspirational. She is beautiful and full of life, I came across her for the first time when I came across her video titled ‘Story time, getting burned’. The video explains how she was burned at the age of nine years old when she lived in Nigeria. After watching the video, I was hooked as she has great make up tutorials  and fantastic energy.  Despite what has happened to her in the past, she remains very positive. Shalom Blac has an interesting video on the power of make up, this video showed her embracing her face and scars as it featured her putting make up on only half of her face. She also talks about the importance of loving yourself in this video, which I also believe is very important. *Major key alert*. She also speaks about how she doesn’t care what the haters have to say, which is honestly the best mindset to have. You get so many things done when you are not concerned about what others think. Go for it Girl!

Shalom Blac’s YouTube channel link :

                                                            Picture source :

 2) ‘ItsmyRayeRaye’ is another one of my favourite YouTubers. She has videos on make up, and hair. I love her curly mane. I mean hair goals or what.. She also has fashion look books and more. I really appreciated her warm bronze drugstore make up beat video as I am obsessed with the golden bronze look many YouTubers have been doing. This usually includes dramatic glitterly, golden highlight and pretty popping eye shadow, I love it. I had to find dupes for most of the products she used as she is American, but I was definitely inspired. She actually has her own range of lipsticks, the line is called ItsmyRayeRaye x Colourpop.

It includes beautiful matte lipsticks and lovely nudes. Unfortunately ColourPop is only available in the U.S. Excuse me while I wipe my tears away. It’s such a shame because I’ve heard such good things about their products and I literally want everything on their website. I hope ColourPop is eventually sold and available in London as I know a lot of people are eager to try out their products. There are ways to order it to London online but I’m obsessed with swatching, I need to swatch or see something before I purchase it so I don’t think I’ll order it online. You should definitely check out Raye Raye’s videos and if you do live in the U.S, it might be worth ordering some of the lipsticks as well, please comment below if you manage to get your hands on any.

ItsmyRayeRaye YouTube channel link :

                                                          Picture source :

  3) ‘Daisy Marquez’ is new to YouTube but definitely worth checking out. I actually came across her make up on twitter, I followed her and liked a few of her pictures, when I found out she had a you tube channel a few weeks ago, I just had to subscribe, her make up is absolutely flawless. I especially like the way she does her eye make up as she often uses vibrant colors which I love. Her highlight always be popping as well. She’s always glistening and constantly smiling. Her ‘Smokey glittery eyes’ video is super pretty, I love the look. At the moment she only has two videos up but I am extremely excited to see what else Daisy has up her sleeve.

Daisy Marquez YouTube Channel link :

                                                          Picture source :

 4) ‘Patricia Bright’ has videos on fashion and lifestyle as well as beauty/hair and make up. She is absolutely stunning and has recently had a baby girl with her husband Mike. She is definitely a yummy mummy. I especially enjoyed Patricia’s labour and delivery story as she introduced her beautiful newborn baby Grace and gave us an insight into her picture perfect life. I think it’s lovely that she lets people have a glance at things that are so private and personal. Her designer handbag collection video is also another one of my favorites. That Chanel boy bag is to DIE for girl. She also has a shared YouTube channel with her husband Mike called ‘Britpoplife Vlogs’.She is definitely one to watch!

Patricia Bright YouTube channel  link :

                                                              Picture source :

 5) Last but definitely not least is ‘Bretman Rock’, he literally just slays my whole life. This guy is the funniest guy ever, oh my gad. He literally makes me laugh so much. His make up skills be on point, much better than mine and many other females out there. Who says make up is just for girls? He has videos on beauty, he also has some bomb ass vlogs. I love him so much, I added him on Snapchat as well because I didn’t wanna miss out on any of the crazy ass stuff he does. I especially like his ‘how to contour video’ and ‘his how to do your eyebrows video’. I think it’s great, he’s so confident as he’s very unique and he doesn’t care about a thing. It’s clear to see that he feels happy and comfortable in his own skin. His confidence is sky high, he slays and he knows it.

Bretman Rock YouTube channel link :

           Picture source :

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you decide to check out any of the YouTubers and comment below if you want me to check  out some of your favourite YouTubers. Until next time, thanks for reading.

                  N xo

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