Cutter & Squidge welcome Hello Kitty Afternoon tea / cafe to London..


It’s been almost 2 months since my last post which isn’t so good, I’ve finished college and I recently just came back from the holiday of a lifetime, in the country I am from, Ghana.

However this post will be on the amazing pop up Hello Kitty cafe at Cutter & Squidge in London Soho. Yes it’s the first ever European Hello Kitty pop up cafe and I found out about it in The Sun Newspaper, within seconds I knew I was going. Cutter & Squidge is an all natural-bakery, with unique signature cakes, biscuits and sweet treats. I went on Thursday 9th June and it was literally the cutest day ever. I love afternoon tea and I’m a massive Hello Kitty fan so this was right up my street. I went along with my friend Josephine who is also big on the famous Kitty.

It was £40 per person and some may think that is quite expensive, however afternoon tea normally is. I decided to research on what exactly I would be receiving. I read the menu online and it was everything I expected and more. The menu included tasty little treats such as ‘Kitty’s mud pie chocolate dream cake’ and ‘Mama’s homemade Apple Pie Biskies’, they bounced off the page and I could almost taste them there and then. The menu was packed full of delicious treats and it was in that moment, that I picked up my I-phone and made the call..

I called up Cutter & Squidge, and made a reservation for myself and Josephine. The lady explained that it was fully booked until the week after, I told her (eagerly)  I could wait. We went through the booking process which was simple and quick, a credit card was needed to secure the reservation. After booking, I was so excited, I literally started counting down the hours. Anyway the day came, I met Josephine outside Piccadilly Circus Station and we looked so cute, very Kawaii, although our fellow Londoners probably thought we were mad as we had bows in our hair and matching accessories. We went totally overboard but it was all in the name of Kitty.

I’d never been to Cutter & Squidge, I’d never walked past it or even heard of it, We struggled to find it and we were walking around for a while until we finally saw the cute little shop in the corner. As we walked in, the staff were super friendly even though we were a little late, we were given wristbands to wear and then lead downstairs to the secret garden. It was literally breathtaking, quite small but that made it extra cute. It actually looked like it was outside.

There was a Hello Kitty shaped tree (which I wanted to take home with me ) and flowers everywhere and tables set up, it was so lovely. After posting a million Snapchats, we sat at our table. There was a few other people there and the atmosphere was really nice, there was music on and I felt really relaxed.

We were given menus, it was a set menu although we picked the tea we wanted, I’m not really a hot drinks person but who can turn down a teapot of Hello Kitty loose leaf tea, we were also given some delicious ‘Mimmy’s pink lemonade’ with the cutest straw.

The afternoon tea was served in bamboo layers, and my oh my were the bamboo baskets packed full of treats. There was so much food, we were so full but of course, we kept on eating. There was mousse, cake, ice cream, scones, strawberries, ugh it was honestly so tasty. Definitely the best tea party I’ve been too and so worth it.

It was so nice to have some girly time with Josephine and in the best atmosphere too. The staff were on hand to help us with anything we needed and they even snapped some pics for us. Cutter and Squidge also had a range of different Hello Kitty items available to buy. I brought myself a little badge.

I had such a good time and I’m so happy I went. The cafe is open until the 31st August 2016, 11 am – 5pm, so you still have some time! Head to their website, for some extra information and don’t forget to let me know if you do go and visit. I’ve included some pictures below.

Stay Kawaii.


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