Festive Season / Bompas and Parr presents Beyond the Waterfall..

So the festive season is nearly over.. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Being a PR Intern over the Christmas period has been exciting. I’ve had the pleasure of working on some fantastic PR stunts. It’s been an eye opening experience. I recommend trying to get work experience in your chosen sector / career as it can be very beneficial. The experience is good for your CV, you’ll learn a lot and you can see if your dream job is really your dream job after all!

After a crazy few weeks, I finally found the time to relax with my family and friends. However I was craving a good night out. Most of the time, I prefer quirky Bars over Clubs. I came across Beyond the Waterfall online and it sounded really exciting. I visited last week and it truly was ‘the ultimate Cocktail adventure.’

I had my reservations at first as I wasn’t sure how Bompas and Parr could possibly pull off a waterfall and lake inside Westfield. It sounded very bizarre. However Bompas and Parr are good at bizarre, it’s what they specialize in. Bompas and Parr was founded in 2007 by Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. The company explores how the taste of food is altered through “synaesthesia, performance and setting”. Other projects they have worked on include ‘Alcoholic architecture’ and the ‘Gunness tasting rooms’. I had the best time at Beyond the waterfall.

Wonderfully hidden in Westfield London, The experience is something I will never forget. Features include a very real waterfall (you do get a tiny bit wet) and a quest involving gems and alcohol. Super fun! Tickets are £15. The ticket includes 2 cocktails and the experience lasts for 60 minutes. Strictly over 18’s, Beyond the Waterfall is paradise for adults.

All the days sold out very quickly and I was extremely lucky to secure a ticket. The lake (a 20m lagoon) was very magical. There were a few small boats. You are given the option of sailing in a boat or walking straight through. Walking through is the boring option so of course, I got into a boat. The boat was one per person. I was so bad at rowing. But I was saved by a Merman who dragged my small boat onto the shore. I Definitely had a Little Mermaid moment. Before going into the Bar, you are given a small bottle of ‘magic juice’. Very strong magic juice. Straight after you enter the enchanted island. The bar is absolutely beautiful. You really do feel like you’re under the sea. There is tarot reading and comfy chairs. (Plus a lot of Merman) It is quite small but very magical. Bravo Bompas and Parr, Beyond the Waterfall is truly fantastic.

More Details here – https://uk.westfield.com/london/entertainment/events/beyond-the-waterfall-a-cocktail-odyssey/35143  or http://bompasandparr.com/food-and-drink

I also visited Pergola on the roof again. Pergola is back! Located on the BBC Television centre roof, the BBC studios moving to central London made space for a very big party! The outside terrace is heated and there are some fantastic pop up restaurants inside including Snaps & Rye, Gunpowder and Le Bab. I went for the first time in Summer and I absolutely adored it. The team had thought of everything, comfy sun loungers and real sand.. It was beautiful. And it was probably the most beachy place in the UK at the time. We don’t exactly have the hottest summer here in London. The only thing that was missing was the sound of the ocean.

I was so sad when Pergola’s doors shut in Summer so when I found out there would be a Winter Edition, I knew I’d go back for more! The Winter Edition looked totally different. Possibly even more exciting than the summer version. Decked with a beautiful Christmas tree, plastic reindeers plus Holly and Ivy, it was the ultimate place to get you into the festive spirit even before reaching the bar. You also received a free drink if you signed up online beforehand which is always nice, who doesn’t love a freebie, especially an alcoholic freebie!

There is a reasonably sized bar located right in the middle, so you can’t miss it. For a bite to eat and a drink or two, Pergola is the perfect location to chill out with family or friends. Pergola is always packed and buzzing! Hibernating until Spring, Pergola will be back very soon! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next year. Stay tuned to their website (which is below) and their social media channels for exciting news.

Pergola website – http://www.pergolaontheroof.co.uk/

Televison Centre website – http://televisioncentre.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/pergolaotroof?lang=en

Happy New Year, see you in 2017, Make it count.

Naomi x


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