I’m back / Why I hate my Louboutin heels and what I love right now!

Welcome back! I’m back and my first post of the year is here.. I thought it would be a fun post to kick start the year with! 2017 has been incredible so far. I’ve been working, studying and travelling. I’m learning a lot about myself and aiming to be better in everything I do. As you grow older, you learn more about what you like and dislike, where you like to go, your style or what you like to eat or watch and listen too, etc. Can I just say, Stormzy has blessed my ears with his debut studio album ‘Gang Signs and prayer’, which I’ve had on repeat since the 24th February. The album is simply genius and it’s always a great thing to see a young person (most importantly we are both Ghanaian) do so well. My favourite songs on the album include Cold and Cigarettes & Cush ft Kehlani.

I loved ‘Cold’ before the video came out, but the video made me love it even more. First of all it’s snowing, all the children featured are extremely cute and I spotted Kente cloth which is fantastic. This month Ed Sheeran released ‘Bibia Be Ye Ye’, a song he wrote in Twi, with the help of Ghanaian star Fuse. What can I say.. everyone wants a piece of us..

Drake (bae for life and the reason I suddenly really like Passionfruit) has also blessed my ears with his new album ‘More Life’, a title I love by the way. Let’s face it, More Life has given us new summer anthems and Instagram captions for days. I’ve seen him perform live three times and he always slays my life. I pretty much listen and live by his song lyrics.. no new friends? No problem, I was anti social for over a year..I just want to find a rooftop bar and scream ‘More Life ‘at the top of my lungs, but I know that’s an incredibly wrong and cringe thing to do. Moving on.. My Apple Music subscription makes it possible for me to completely over listen to all of the above. Not many people know it’s only £5 for students, get on it my friend, it’s worth the money!

I turned twenty in January, which I had my reservations about. Twenty is still super young, but I  loved being nineteen. I found it hard letting go, Lol. But I always look ahead and I put a lot of pressure on myself to be great. I wanna slay university, step out of my comfort zone more. Travel, meet new people. Create memories and experience more. And more importantly, grow. I love the quote below and I couldn’t agree more.


Talking about stepping out of my comfort zone.. I recently started a YouTube channel with my best friend Josephine. I never in a million years thought I’d start a YouTube channel for several reasons. First of all, I’m extremely camera shy. I don’t even have an Instagram (working on it) because I don’t take pictures, I take pictures on my birthday, on holiday (for the culture) and Snapchat sometimes but mostly Snapchat videos and that’s about it. So YouTube?! I was staying far far away from it. But so many people suggested making one because I’m always out doing something unique and crazy which is what YouTube is about, really. Plus everyone’s aware about how successful one can become because of YouTube. There’s actually a wax figure of YouTube sensation Zoella in Madame Tussauds now, she’s huge and it’s pretty crazy!

The channel is called Allied. The channel will document our lives and bring you all the latest news and coverage of events. Our fist video includes the Brit week, New Gen event. Which you can check out below. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and give the video a thumbs up. I will also keep updating my blog! I don’t update it as much I should but it’s still my little golden baby. Let me know what you guys want to see from me next, I’m open to suggestions. I realised I have some readers in America now, which is quite exciting.

My first post of the year is all about my current favourites at the moment including my very first pair of Louboutin heels (probably my last pair), skin care products from Sephora (no there isn’t a Sephora in London, I ain’t sorry) and loose eye glitter from Ebay. First things first, I’ll never buy a pair of Loubs again! Here’s why..

My Pigalle (Named after an area in Paris) 12omm nude patent leather Louboutins. These are my absolute babies.. When they aren’t on my feet. I got them as a gift for my 20th birthday and I was in love. Who doesn’t love a nude pair of heels? I’ve wanted a nude pair of Loubs for as long as I can remember as they are ideal for meetings and social activities. Super snazzy right? Plus they are just so shiny and pink. However I think they are so uncomfortable (unbearable in fact) and I never ever have a difficulty walking in heels, so I know it’s not a problem from my side of the court.

To be honest, I’m quite shocked as I assumed such an expensive and luxurious product would fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper, however sadly this is not the case. I think they should really look into this and I strongly believe that if Louboutin are going to sell heels for such a high price, the shoes should be comfortable and I believe they should even go as far as measuring your feet to make sure you have the perfect fit. How do people wear these when they are getting married? A first dance, I can’t even walk to the end of my street. I actually had to take my heels off and change mid night out which is so unlike me.


When I wear my heels, they feel extremely tight and cut into my feet despite having been to two Louboutin shops (the Knightsbridge boutique and the Selfridges section) and speaking to two professionals. I exchanged and changed sizes once, only to be met with the exact same issue. I dread wearing them because I know I’ll be in a large amount of pain by the end of the night, which I think is such a shame because of how expensive they are, frankly they are a waste of money, if you can’t be at least a little comfortable in them.

After speaking to many others, they too have told me their Loubs are extremely uncomfortable, many even said they avoid wearing them! People keep saying ‘yeah they are known for being uncomfortable’ but when is the problem going to be fixed and how can I possibly ‘love my red soles’ when they make me feel like I’m going to collapse. They look so beautiful on but they really are a killer.



I went to Paris last month and I was super excited about finding a Sephora, as we don’t have one in London, my Mum told me there was Sephora here years ago but it’s not around anymore. There’s so many in Paris, there’s literally one on every high street, Heaven! I wasn’t too impressed with the one in Germany so I was excited the Paris Sephora was so good. They had ABH, Kat Von D, Make up forever and so many other brands. I was quite surprised they didn’t have Nyx actually, but they stock Nyx in Boots now anyway. I didn’t need anything really, just wanted to have a browse but I was lured into buying these little bits, which are all Sephora’s own brand. I brought Coconut water lipbalm (can’t get enough of lipbalm) A pomegranate face mask and cleanser. There was quite a few face masks to choose from, however pomegranate sounded all healthy and shizz so I thought I’d get that one. However I haven’t tried anything but the lip balm (lush) but I will be updating you on the face mask and cleanser in my next post. So stay reading!


As I’ve said before, I’m so far from a make up artist, and I honestly just rely on YouTube and friends but I feel like the only good thing I’m actually good at putting on is eyeshadow. I love my glitter lids, I buy my lose glitter from Ebay and It’s really pigmented and pretty. The glitter is buy 3, get 3 as well which is so good! The seller is called ‘Jack and Panky’ and you can buy them here : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281163189083?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=580223059372&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

IMG_6423 (2)

IMG_6429 (2)

I have quite a few different ones so the pictures below are just a few I brought recently, I use the PaintGlow Glitter fix me gel to keep the glitter in place, which I also buy from Ebay. The bottle of glue is super small but it lasts for a really long time and you don’t need that much at all. After I finish my face, I spray Urban Decay De Slick’ setting spray  which is great for oily skin. Take a look here : http://www.urbandecay.co.uk/en_GB/what-s-new/spring-collection-2017/de-slick/ud804.html 

You can buy the Glitter glue here : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PaintGlow-Fix-Gel-Primer-Fixative-Glue-for-fixing-loose-glitter-eye-dust-shadow-/302153459329?hash=item4659bfe681:g:~aoAAOSwux5YPw6V

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will be updating more often and I already have some ideas. Until next time ‘More life’.

N x

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