Freeze fried Ice cream with a twist.. Pan-n-Ice, my new favourite dessert spot in London Town!

Ice Cream is a sweetened frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert.. boring, there’s a new definition of Ice Cream in town, ready and waiting to tempt you into leaving all of your other favourite brands and flavours behind. We’ve had Ben & Jerry’s, we have experienced a Snog and we have all cried into our Magnum tubs whilst watching Mama Mia. But have you ever eaten your Ice Cream after it’s been made right in front of your eyes? Didn’t think so. Do you have a notorious sweet tooth? Let me introduce you to Pan-N-Ice, located around the UK and in Westfield Stratford, they offer delicious hand crafted rolls. Pan-N-Ice in my opinion, is basically heavenly Ice cream rolls with some tasty toppings.

Pan N Ice Owners

The story? Owners Rob and Henry brought the new Tai Ice Cream trend to London after discovering it whilst backpacking around Thailand. Westfield have called Pan-N-Ice the hottest dessert in London and I agree. I saw it on Time Out and stalked them on their Instagram Page before deciding that I needed to drop everything immediately and try it. They have the cutest little baby pink retro van parked right outside Westfield with a few chairs to lounge in and enjoy your tasty treat. How does it work?

You choose your base, Vanilla or Yogurt then you choose your topping, you can choose out of Oreos, Banana and about a hundred other tasty options. You then choose your sauce and enjoy! I had Kinky Kinder (interesting name, I know) a combination of  Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno. Two of my favourite chocolates combined, it was honestly heavenly. So soft, gooey and chocolatey. A real delight for any Ice Cream lover.

Pan N Ice Strawberry Cheesecake


Pan N Ice 2017

The rolls of Ice Cream are so soft, they taste like sponge cake. Melt in your mouth vibes. I read all about the story and concept before I got there, so I asked the man who was serving us (half joking, half serious) if he was the man who backpacked around Thailand and to my surprise, he replied yes. I was excited because I wanted to hear the story and ask about a million other questions.

He was Henry Milroy, co founder of Pan-N-Ice. Henry is friendly, chatty and absolutely full of life and a credit to all young entrepreneurs and business owners. At only, 22 Henry and his business partner Rob have formed an Ice Cream empire! Henry explained to me and Josephine that he wanted to travel and he came across the idea. He also stated that all successful businessmen either drop out of university, leave or don’t even go in the first place.


IMG_6569 (2)


I know a lot of people feel they need to go university, this might be because of the pressure parents apply or social norms. But you can just chase your dreams, travel, see the world or even bring your ideas to life! Henry is passionate and fun and you really can see how much he believes in Pan-N-Ice. It’s a nice evening, the van is very busy, people are queuing up, waiting for their Ice Creams. The bright pink van is very hard to miss! Pan-N-Ice isn’t just an Ice Cream van, it’s an experience. Myself and Josephine featured on Pan-N-Ice’s Instagram story. Watch the video of how Pan-N-Ice came to life below!

IMG_6539 (2)

Henry makes time to speak to every single one of his customers, even asking what they do as well as welcoming pictures of the van and frozen plates the Ice Cream rolls are made on. People will be sure to come back because of the service as well as the fantastic Ice Cream. Even if others around you don’t believe in your ideas, make sure you stay on track and keep trying so that you can prove everyone wrong! Henry tells myself and Josephine, Pan-N-Ice, have many exciting things coming up and I’m excited. They do events, parties and even weddings! They are even Deliveroo’s third favourite Ice Cream Parlour. Ugh, I’m even craving one now. The strawberry cheesecake one is the next on my list!


Myself and Josephine vlogged outside the Pan-N-Ice van and also vlogged at a Misguided event we went to on the same day, everything will be in our next YouTube video. Be sure to visit Pan-N-Ice and let me know what flavour you decide on. Keep up with Pan-N-Ice by following them on Instagram and their other social media platforms. Website –

IMG_6538 (2).JPGPan N Ice Instagram.png

Pan-N-Ice featured on my Snapchat Story, take a look below. Add me on Snapchat @Nay104. See you in my next post.

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