The Labour perspective / Five Important reasons you should vote Labour today..

Welcome back, how are you guys doing? It’s election day so this post is going to be packed full of politics and snazzy informative videos. Before you sigh or huff and puff, Politics isn’t always a bore and regardless of how you feel about it, it holds the major key to our future. Labour is the future. You know, I was thinking that I should have written this blog post a long time ago, I mean the candidates in this year’s election have been trying to convince us that we should vote for them, for the past few months since the snap election Mrs May called, we have been treated to campaign after campaign, promise after promise and manifesto after manifesto but I’m going to try to convince you to vote Labour in just one blog post, on election day..fingers crossed, here goes..

We don’t always understand politicians and I know some of us are sceptical about the decisions they make and have made in the past. Empty promises, we have had a few. Politicians often say things for votes, I mean do they really care about young people? I believe Labour do and I believe Jeremy Corbyn is here to change things. Just in case you live under a rock or have no interest in Politics, Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour party and he’s a really cool and calm and collected guy. Grime star JME (another cool guy) met Jeremy Corbyn and interviewed him. The interview is fantastic as JME grilled a well prepared Jeremy for young people and all the ‘woke’ people in the UK. Watch the video below.

Seeing the candidates bicker, banter and scream at each other reminds me of the Hunger Games. I love to watch Question Time and get involved with the live debates from my sofa. The election is a television ‘competition’ except the politicians aren’t being chosen to fight to the death and we are choosing them. We all have a say and we all have the power. Voting is so important. Please visit your polling station today. I stand by Labour. Let me tell you in five simple and important reasons, why.

1) Labour will end University Fees

As a University student, University fees are extremely important to me and even if I wasn’t a student, I would care as it affects the future generation. University is far too expensive in the UK, it is an absolute joke and it needs to change. My friends and other young people I have spoken too, have told me first hand that they didn’t apply for University as they are scared to be in debt afterwards. We have the student loan but we are all aware that it will bite us in the back and make us pay it back when we are on the way out, which is a bit rubbish. After University, you have a degree, memories and a dream job (hopefully) but your broke as hell after everything and in debt, even though you don’t have to pay it straight back once your finished.

It’s a huge promise but Labour have pledged to end fees and bring back maintenance grants starting Autumn 2017. Apparently Jeremy Corbyn has also said that he will write off graduates existing student debt if elected, fab! Of course, Mrs May will not be scraping fees. People want a degree, they want to learn and invest in themselves but the expensive fees are making people shy away from applying for University. Even if you don’t want to go to University, think of your future children and everyone else!

2) Labour will help us feel better about Brexit

I’m really upset about Brexit, of course, I voted remain and I’m still not over it. Brexit showed us that sometimes decision making isn’t something we are very good at. However you can make the right decision today! Labour have said they will still work on putting the national interest first, which I’m relieved about as we are in such an overly crap situation. They will also ‘immediately guarantee existing rights for all EU nationals living in Britain’ and ‘seek a Brexit deal that delivers for all regions and nations of the UK’. Very fair. Frankly, a fair, safe and peaceful country is all I’m interested in. Actually, I wouldn’t mind some sun this summer.

3) Labour will fix employment issues and end zero hour contracts

I think zero hour contracts are insane and Labour want to end them as well as unpaid internships. I hate the idea of an unpaid internship, however I would do one. Experience is actually gold dust so I feel it’s okay if an internship is unpaid because you can learn an awful lot and that will probably benefit you more than money will. Think about how much it will complement your CV. Plus most internships take care of your lunch and travel. I love a good meal deal. Labour also pledges to work on gender equality. Boy-Girl Power, I love it.

4) Save and protect our NHS

We are so lucky to have the NHS and it’s great. However hospital waiting times are so much longer due to the lack of staff.  We have all visited A&E before, it’s a service we use and abuse and probably take for granted. Labour wants to make the NHS better. They  promise to ‘impose tough new A&E targets’ and spend over £30 billion on the NHS as well as cut treatment times. As well as focus on mental health, which is very important. They will also introduce hospital parking for everyone in England..bonus.



5) Fix housing and build new homes

We all know how expensive it is to live in London, this is extremely important to me as I’ve lived in London, my whole life and I don’t really want to be forced to move out of my hometown like so many other people, because I can’t afford somewhere to live. Once again Labour promises to save the day! Labour promise to build over a million new homes in five years, with at least half a million council homes. Check out the manifesto for yourself, if you don’t believe me.


There are many more benefits and I hope you can see that Labour is the best and only way to vote. I have attempted to show you from my golden perspective. In the EU referendum, only 64% of 18-24 year olds who registered to vote voted! It takes a few minutes and I think that’s really sad, use your voice and have your say! Don’t let Mrs May have another 5 years. Get down to your polling station. See you in my next post,

Stay Golden & Vote,

Naomi x


One thought on “The Labour perspective / Five Important reasons you should vote Labour today..

  1. Its all very well voting Labour, I have always mostly voted Labour, but this time I feel the Conservatives are trying to pass the job of negotiating Brexit to another party. I am thinking shall I vote Conservative so that they can clear up the mess, then vote Labour in the next general election? Can I wait for another 5 years to get rid of Conservative? I was insulted that Theresa May did not attend the first TV debate but instead sent Amber Rudd, the current acting Conservative scapegoat, she had already previously been on Question Time taking the flak for Conservative. Then we see her again this time standing in for Mrs May, when Mrs May should have been facing her opponents, the audience and millions of viewers, again disappointed when it came to the two leaders debate , which was outrageous, shouldn’t the two have been on together to bash it out where the pressure would have more intense and for us to see how the two would handle pressure when faced with one. Mrs May had the comfort of the platform to herself, and more time. The debate ended without even a thank you Mr Corbyn for attending, Mr Dimbleby, I don’t think you did well here. Anyway, I think over time Mr Corbyn has become stronger, including wearing a suit to look the part. I was happy that Diane Abbott has been around him, I was thinking this will make him stronger, she will put some fire in his belly, elbow him here and there, this also convinced me that if I vote Labour, Diane will be there to ensure strong answers are provided. I was very worried when I saw Diane on the news with the Mayor when they went to pay their tribute for the tragedy at London Bridge, she did not look right to me, and a few days later it was announced that she was stepping down, I was not happy. Hope she recovers soon, and come back to her normal fighting self. I also miss her appearance on This Week, and now and again appearance on Question Time. Back to May and Corbyn, I must say not sure if May has the people’s interest at heart or aiming to go ahead with planned Conservative cuts, but what am sure about her, is her dressing which I have always admired well before she become PM, and those flat and kitten heels, this shows that women do not have to always wear those 4 to 6″ to be noticed while we are damaging our feet, not that I wear or can even walk in them. But her dressing aside, I also like Corbyn, but am afraid people may take his calmness for weakness, also can he really deliver those promises? Scarry! Or will Conservative be more scarier? With all that said I will not vote for Conservative to let my local MP down, Andy Slaughter, who you can see works to his wits for the people, I know this because this man, is a true representation of an MP, not the one that only put a leaflet in your letter box when its election time, but one that is always there for the people, and always available whether face to face, email, letters, visit to your house or on the telephone. Please remember the amazing work Andy does today by voting Labour. Give Jeremy a chance, calmness does not always represent weakness.

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