Fancy a midnight snack or dinner after a night out? My top five 24 hour restaurants in London..

So who is hungry? I haven’t posted a food / foodie related blog post in so long which is quite surprising considering all I do is eat and indulge at restaurants. I’d also like to announce that I’m part of Time Out’s elite user reviewer group, The Time Out Tastemakers, which is extremely exciting. This means that I have the pleasure of going around London and writing reviews about all the treasures I find on Time Out. I’m really happy that I will be able to influence millions of Londoners and tourists. I rank each place out of 5 stars. I also get exclusive access to events, which is great! So far, I have reviewed the Sky Garden, Brixton Beach and others! #TOT Read all of my foodie filled and fun reviews here :

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This post is all about 24 hour restaurants in London. After a night out of dodgy dancing and clubbing, I am absolutely starving. I mean, who isn’t? It can be hard to find restaurants that stay open past midnight in London. I normally scout around for a 24 hour MacDonald’s, however what if you could have an actual delightful meal and sit down as well, rather than scoffing a Big Mac or Egg McMuffin in the back of a taxi. I’m more of a brunch than a breakfast lady.

Luckily I’m here to help you..yes you! Just call me the 24 hour breakfast, brunch and dinner Fairy God Mother as this post includes five restaurants, that stay open for 24 hours, all night long, baby! Get ready to tuck in and enjoy. Let me know if you have any other 24 hour restaurant recommendations. Kick your heels off, unbutton that top button and get your Uber app ready.

1. Duck & Waffle

Close to Liverpool Street station, I love Duck & Waffle. The views of London are incredible as Duck and Waffle is on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower with floor to ceiling windows. You can see London in all it’s glory. I ordered the Duck and Waffle because i was intrigued by the name of the restaurant and nothing else on the menu sounded as exciting at the time. My meal consisted of confit duck, fried duck egg and maple syrup which might sound strange to some people but I loved it. If you like chicken and waffles, there’s a chance, you might like Duck and Waffle more.



It’s so sweet and satisfying, I can see why it’s their signature dish, It was delightful, I really enjoyed it. I also had a cocktail (I didn’t go after a night out) which was served in a Nutella jar, extremely exciting. Majority of the cocktails on the cocktail list are £14. Open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, Duck and waffle is perfect if you want a luxurious meal after a night out and you can watch the sun rise! Also perfect for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Sushi Samba also in the Heron Tower, serves food until 2 am.

2. VQ 

VQ is lovely. Perfect if you want to chill with friends. Both the Chelsea and Bloomsbury locations are 24 hours. They have 24 hour breakfast too so why not treat yourself to poached eggs, avocado and chill jam or buttermilk pancakes or skip straight to the main menu and treat yourself to rib eye steak and chunky chips or chill con carne. I love the sweet potato fries.


The cocktails are great too and super strong! There is night tube in London as well now, so you can always get the tube down to VQ or any other restaurant’s on this list. Everything is cooler at night. The nearest stations are Gloucester Road, South Kensington, Earls Court and Fulham Broadway. VQ also do afternoon cream tea.


I am obsessed with afternoon tea. VQ have a great variety of desserts from apple crumble to banoffee pie and buttermilk and vanilla panna cotta. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! VQ has a no reservations policy. VQ 24 hour opening times : Monday to Thursday 7.30am to 5am, Friday & Saturday 7.30am to 6am
3. Balans Soho Society
Restaurant and bar Balans in Soho, looks amazing. I haven’t been yet but I am dying to try the Bacorn (some sort of bacon and popcorn combo) and the high society eggs Benedict which includes lobster. The poisoned hot chocolate sounds delicious.
I’m guessing it’s chocolate heaven with a drop of something strong? That’s my kind of party. Overall, the menu looks extremely exciting. Balans seems quite quirky which I really like! Balans is also in Clapham, Kensington and Stratford. Clapham is newly opened and the other locations have recently been revamped. Classy.
                                                               4. Polo Bar
 Very close to Liverpool street station, ‘The 24 hour great British café’ Polo Bar sounds fantastic! Let me start by saying they have a 24 hour alcohol license in case you feel like another drink or cocktail (steady on) You can also order breakfast to your house with Polo Bar’s breakfast delivery service (6.30-11.30) They also serve breakfast all day inside Polo Bar!
‘How do you like your eggs in the morning’? They have a variety of Benedict’s. From bacon to chorizo and even Florentine. Polo Bar also have a huge variety of different breakfast sandwiches. The pancakes have been branded by the Evening Standard as ‘award winning’.
Treat yourself to a cookies and cream pancake which includes Oreos or streaky bacon which includes bacon and maple syrup or the new Yorker which includes cheesecake cream, strawberries, digestive crumbs and fruit coulis. Lush! Everything on the menu sounds tasty. Polo Bar are giving out free, yes.. free breakfast on the 4th July, if you are interested, head to their website for more info! I will be visiting Polo Bar, very soon. I just need to work out if I’m going for brunch or a midnight snack!
5. Meat Liquor
 Do you love both Meat and Liquor? Do you want to be able to eat and drink all day and most of the night? Then Meat Liquor is perfect for you. First of all, anywhere that has cheese fries, is a good time. They also have Buffalo fries, fries topped with their house-made buffalo sauce and crumbled blue cheese. Maybe you’ll fancy some ‘deep fried’ Mac n Cheese or fried pickles. Tasty!
For all you adventurous foodies, Meat Liquor have an extremely unusual challenge called ‘The triple chili challenge’. So if you can eat a lot, this one is for you. The challenge includes a green chili cheeseburger, chili dog and chili cheese fries. If you can eat all three in under ten minutes, it’s all free. Oh Yeah! Let me know how you get on. They serve food until 2 am.
Out of all the restaurants on my list, Meat Liquor has the best desserts. As you all know, I have such a sweet tooth. If you like Jägermeister, Meat Liquor’s Jägermeister ripple ice cream is perfect for you. Or if you’re a dessert pie kind of person, you’ll love the filth pie, which is Oreos, marshmallows, coconut and chocolate pie served with Ice Cream. Meat Liquor isn’t 24 hours but closes later (2am) than most restaurants in London.
I hope you enjoyed this post, stuff your face and be golden
(All images taken from relevant restaurant’s sites)
Naomi x

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