My fantastic, flashy and materialistic generation


Image Gang

Welcome back! So everyone likes nice things, right? Handbags, shoes and clothes.. you always want to look and feel your best. With TV programs like ‘The rich kids of Instagram’ & ‘Eamon & Ruth : How the other half lives.’ We get an exclusive insight (lucky us) into how the ‘others’ breathe, I mean live.. Instagram makes sure we don’t miss out on the latest Cartier bracelets, luxury yachts and flashy cars. I haven’t been on a luxury yacht but I am a shopaholic and my image is important to me. I am always buying things, I don’t really need. Online shopping fuels my hobby, as it’s so easy! Shopping online means you don’t have to leave your sofa, it remembers all of your details if it’s a website you use all the time and after a few days, your brand new clothes basically fall on to your lap. Do you follow fashion? Or are you the first one in the queue when it comes to a brand new trainer drop. #Yeezy

We have all brought an item of clothing because we A) Saw someone wearing it. This may be on the street or in the club or B) Saw a celebrity or influencer wearing it in a music video, at an event or on TV. I am guilty! Trends change like English weather and if you attempt to keep up with them, you’ll end up spending every single shiny coin in your bank account. Every so often you get people wearing the exact same item of clothing on social media. It can be funny to watch. I really like it when people put their own spin on things and I try my best too. Or sometimes, you get every MUA doing the same eyeshadow look. I think it’s great that we influence each other, I like that we thrive off one another. It makes life exciting and keeps it fresh and modern. But I find it worrying that we might all turn into mannequins in denim jackets, Gucci belts and bardot shirts.

Pressure? & Society

It is clear this generation feels a great pressure to “fit in”. How many of us are comfortable with standing out and being different? Have you ever, not brought something because your scared of what others might think? Or are you, the one wearing the bright pink dress or funny hat at an event? The rich kids of Instagram, are people that love to stand out! Infact they want people to look at them. If you haven’t heard of the programme, it showcases the crazy, over the top, world of the young and super rich. The programme has caused mayhem and proved that we are all just a bunch of show offs. Living in London, the home of the flashy and over the top, I know that if you have the money, Knightsbridge and Chelsea is where you’ll find the flashy cars and bling bling.

Let’s face it, we all want to look amazing and I’m sure nobody would decline if they were offered a flashy car and house to match. 2017 is the year of materialistic and it’s only getting crazier! With products like a pure gold Fidget Spinner incrusted with diamonds, a Louis Vuitton skateboard and a leather gold and silver Monopoly set on the market. It’s fair to say, people that have crazy amounts of money, spend it on absolutely insane things and show it off wherever they can get the most attention!

Louis Vuitton Skateboard

If you have younger family members, they will probably be asking about I-phones and contouring in no time. Even if they have they never shown interest in these things before. Sometimes it’s almost like it happens over night. I think a lot of young teens feel pressure to grow up extremely quickly and this is because they see their friends with the latest gadgets or make up and they want in. Or they see their favourite celebrities on social media and TV with the latest trendy things.

They feel it’s normal and to be fair, in the world they are growing up in, it is. They feel not having these items makes them ‘strange’. When I was growing up, I had Barbie, Bratz and Polly Pocket. Not an I-phone and matching selfie stick. Are children growing up too fast? I think so. This generation is changing and being Insta famous is an actual career. Influencers are making a whole heap of money and they are the new celebrities on the red carpets. But how many of us know that some things they show us might be a little exaggerated? And what we ‘like’ and ‘follow’ isn’t always the truth.


I love looking at Insta famous accounts like “rich kid” ‘Dorothy Wang’ (my post’s featured image) and TV personality ‘India Love.’ It’s fair to say, their lifestyles are one of a kind. But because I’m a blogger and PR student, I know and  have an idea of what happens behind the scenes. I know that bloggers, rely on great angles, filters and lighting. For example you can show yourself at a party having the best time ever and then leave 5 minutes later or photo shop your pictures. I mean it’s almost dangerous. Can I just mention, I am a little fed up of seeing slim tummy tea on Instagram. I mean is that really how you got your slim tummy?

People have this weird ideology, that everyone in the public eye has the ultimate perfect life or perfect body with no issues at all. No one is perfect and we need to remember, they only show us, what they want us to see. People are always so shocked when celebrities reveal they have been going through a hard time behind closed doors because they showed no signs of having a break down or drug problem on the red carpet. Don’t be fooled!

I am an avid user of Snapchat and Twitter and I always snap what I buy, what I’m wearing or what I’m eating like most people my age. Most of us can’t start eating something without snapping a picture of it first. Again, I am guilty. However, I only Snapchat what I want people to see, I don’t Snapchat my bed hair and bad days. I think it’s important people are able to spot the thin line between real life and blog life. And Insta life and this life. However, this is my fantastic, flashy and materialistic generation and I am used to it and at times, happy to be a part of it. #Goals #Lifestyle

Stay Golden!

N x