More about me.. my Golden Perspective on blogging, education, London life & more

My Golden Perspective..

Welcome back. Over the past few months, I have realised how important believing in yourself is and I am attempting to do it 24/7. I am also speaking positive things into existence which is really helpful. Investing in yourself is absolutely vital. You need to be your biggest fan! This year has been great so far. I mean, it has been filled with ups and downs but I am thrilled with how my blog is going and how much I have changed and matured this year. I’m twenty years young now and I always look back at my journey. It’s good to give yourself credit once in a while and acknowledge growth. I have a little timeline of productivity in my head.

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I really want to graduate and travel around the world. Dubai, Thailand. Who knows? There is so much to see in this big, beautiful world. They are probably my ultimate goals, however I have a few. The list grows longer every day. Someone asked me if blogging is what I want to do as a full time career and honestly until that moment, that was the first time I have ever thought about it. For now, my answer is no. When I created The Golden Perspective Blog, I was literally just bored in my bed room, one night. I made it via WordPress. I didn’t even tell anyone. Not a soul. It was my little secret. It isn’t so little anymore and it definitely isn’t a secret.

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 I had no idea, people would actually enjoy reading my blog. I Just knew that I enjoyed writing and that was enough for me. At first, it was a hobby and a great distraction. I didn’t even know what kind of blog, I wanted to create at the time. I knew I had the choice of a fashion, lifestyle or entertainment blog but I wasn’t really sure what kind of blog, I wanted The Golden Perspective Blog to be until very recently. I decided my blog fitted the lifestyle category perfectly because it’s random and different.

That’s the honest truth. I’m interested in beauty and fashion but I am a bit of a #foodie as well, so I thought I would make my blog an all rounder! Before creating my blog, people would always ask me about what I was doing or where I was as well as ask advice on where to eat on a night out in London! So creating a lifestyle blog, made perfect sense! Plus I think it’s more fun this way. I get to cover everything and be versatile. I hope to work and collaborate with some of my favourite brands in the near future.

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I get asked what I do all the time. People often ask what you do at events or in general conversation. I used to just say I was a PR student. However I have recently started telling people that I’m a blogger as well as a PR student. I even have business cards for my blog now. I give them out at events. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but I am twenty years old. I’ve never owned a business card before. It makes me feel like I mean business.

Plus it makes me feel so grown up. Lately, I feel like I have my head screwed on. I would advise anyone pursuing any kind of creative career to make a business card. They are the easiest way to share information when on the go. More importantly, I recognise myself as a blogger now and I am making the necessary steps to be one of the best at what I do. #FingersCrossed

I attend blogger events and I am an active member of various online blogging communities. I still have a lot to learn but this is a great start and I am taking it more seriously as well as international! I think everything changed when I A) got my own domain, B) realised, I wasn’t just talking to myself anymore and C) realised, I was starting to make an impact on my readers. Positive feedback definitely made me feel confident.. I blog about food but I also talk about politics, university and wealth. I want to use my platform to talk about subjects that actually matter to people. #RealTalk

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I made my blog in 2016. But it feels like I have been blogging for more than three years. However I haven’t even compiled 20 posts yet! I am so happy with my ‘blogging journey’ so far. I love writing. I found a diary that I kept when I was in primary school (yes I have been talking to myself for that long) and my writing style was really interesting. I’d write ‘Dear diary’ and feed my diary all the latest gossip. I wanted to be a journalist for a long time but that slowly started to disappear when I found out more about PR. However I would still love to write a book one day. I was a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan growing up. I would love to write books aimed at teenagers! I would also love to write for a magazine. 

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I have always been extremely determined and head strong. I think I inherited this from my Mum! I have always lived with my Mum and she is extremely hard working. I’ve had an on and off battle with confidence throughout the years. I went to an all girls secondary school which I feel was a great thing and very beneficial as there are so many characters in school, you have no choice but to push your way through and shine in your own special way. I finished college and did okay. Yes, just okay.

I’ve always been rubbish at Maths and every other subject, except History and English. You can do anything, you put your mind too. Don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t do something. Schools say you can’t do certain things without qualifications or a degree, I think this is false! I believe knowledge is power but to a certain extent. It helps but it isn’t the only way to be successful! Willpower is. Being anything but lazy will get you far. I got my first job at sixteen. I wanted to be independent. I have an intense work ethic and I often run around like a headless chicken.

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My Golden piece of advice is ‘just be you’. In twenty years, I have probably been told to stop talking over a million times but that is me. I talk, talk and talk. In secondary school, I was always told off for talking or being “loud” at the wrong times. Is there ever a right time? I just couldn’t shut up. I’m in University now and over the years I’ve gone from being extremely loud and sure of myself to unusually quiet and curious. I went through this stage in college. I was far more quiet than I was in school. But looking back now, I know why. I knew I’d wasted so much time in secondary school and I started to really think about my future in college. I was still a chatterbox but I studied Media Print, still heading down the journalism and media route and then in my last year at college, I applied for university to study PR. I got into my second choice university. It’s true, your teachers make a huge difference! My Media teacher in college (hi Pia) believed in me which shaped me and made me more confident.

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Now I’m a mixture of the girl that was so sure of herself in school but new and improved! I want to finish university, travel and then pursue a career in PR. However I also want to blog. I put a lot of pressure on myself sometimes but I find it helpful as it reminds me that I need to work hard. I was walking through Camden market and I looked around at all the various stalls. There are beautiful hand made products from bags to earrings and paintings. Everyone really has their hussle on! That’s London for you. Everyone wants to do well and I really appreciate craftsmanship. I believe we are here to create! I am so happy that I am a Londoner, I feel we are real and full of life. London is greatly admired. However I do want to travel and live elsewhere in the future. Lately I have been thinking New York, might be my new home for at least a year..

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These are a few of my favourite things.. (at the moment)

 Tyrrell’s Poshcorn (not popcorn) toasted marshmallow flavour


 Tangle Teezer

TS20B02GBLK_Zoom_F_1Mac fix  + setting spray




Nyx Gingersnap lipgloss


Quenching Coconut Curls Conditioner


The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay Smith


Bob’s Burgers



Stay Golden!

Naomi x

Snapchat : Nay104

Twitter : @NaomiYazminn

Facebook : Naomiyasminn

2 thoughts on “More about me.. my Golden Perspective on blogging, education, London life & more

  1. What a lovely, genuine read! Well done. It’s true it takes so much time to work out that it’s ok to be you, and that trying fit any other mould is just a waste of time!!

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