‘Life’ of kylie / five reasons I kan’t stop keeping up with the Kardashians

Welcome back. This is my 20th blog post! Yay me, how exciting. Now, If you aren’t a Kardashian or Jenner fan, this isn’t the blog post for you. Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous people in the world, right? Kylie is part of one of the most famous families in the world, the Kardashians. She is a reality television personality, entrepreneur, socialite and social media icon. And she’s hot. She also owns cosmetics line ‘Kylie Cosmetics’. Her matte lipstick in the shade Brown Sugar really is my shit.

Kylie is one of the top most followed people on Instagram and is also the youngest person to be featured on the Forbes Celebrity 100 List. Let’s face it, she’s extremely wealthy and doing very well for herself at only twenty years old. I really like Kylie and I am a huge fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. When I found out Kylie was to star in her own spin off series, ‘Life Of Kylie’ on E! I was really excited. The trailer looked interesting and quite funny. Watch it below, if you haven’t already seen it.

I’ve been watching Kylie on screen for years. If you watch old episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you’ll see a small, naughty and expressive Kylie play fighting with older sister Kendall and growing up on screen. It’s fair to say, she has been surrounded by cameras her whole life. Despite Kylie’s fame and popularity, a lot of people and even fans of Kylie, have called the new show ‘fake and boring’. CNN said the show saw Kylie ‘combine self pity with a lack of self awareness’. Here’s what I think.

In the first episode and opening credits of Life Of Kylie. Kylie is asked ‘What do you say to people who think you have a perfect life’? Kylie replies “Laugh, in their face. Nobody has a perfect life. The only different thing about me or out of the ordinary, really is probably just that I have nice things”. Yes Kylie, you have quite a few ‘nice things’. It seems, Kylie knows what she just said is BS because a few seconds later she says “But what you realise, when you get there, when I know I could buy any car, any house, that happiness last two seconds”. I’m twenty years old now, the exact same age as Kylie and I certainly can’t buy any car or house, I like. I feel I’d be really happy if I could, my happiness would 100% last longer than two seconds. #ShowMeTheMoney


The beginning of episode one highlights how unique Kylie’s lifestyle is. Kylie has a team that do everything for her. Lucky for some. We are introduced to the team. There’s Victoria, her executive assistant who even owns a stool Kylie uses to climb out of her Range Rover. Ariel, her make up artist and Tokyo, her hair stylist. She also has Jill, her very own designer. That certainly isn’t normal. The first episode is all about prom. Kylie has never been due to being home schooled. We see, she often gets asked to prom by several boys around the world but for her first prom experience, she decides to go with Albert (a bullied teen) in the first episode.

A good gesture but in the first episode.. a bit ironic, if you ask me? The prom turns into a red carpet event and Albert becomes the coolest kid in school. Mission accomplished. Kylie talks so much about being normal in the show however she attempts to avoid a commercial flight at all costs and takes a private jet to the prom, which really isn’t very normal. In fact when there’s something wrong with their private jet, they just order another one.. later on in the episode she continues to complain about not being able to do normal things. #Awkward

I do admire her friendship with best friend Jordyn Woods. In episode two, she openly talks about her anxiety which is interesting. I think a lot of people assume, celebrities do have a perfect life but that’s only because of what they show us. We see the cars, money and holidays and not the real issues, they may face.

To me, the show is all about Kylie trying to prove she’s normal, but her actions and behaviour in the series, reflect she really isn’t at all. Her conversations with Jordyn include her talking about how she feels bad for her Lambo because she always takes her other cars out.. yeah that’s normal. The show is funny, so far. I’m not sure how much of an insight it gives us into Kylie’s life and it does seem fake at times but it is entertaining and I am excited to watch the rest of the season. #KingKylie


Who isn’t talking about the Kardashians? They’ve been called America’s first family by Cosmopolitan and at least one of them is featured in an article on the Daily Mail Showbiz website a day. The family is extremely famous and everyone knows who they are. I have been watching it for years. A few years ago, I met Kim, Khloe and Kourtney at a meet and greet which was special as they rarely ever do appearances together now. Here are 5 reasons, I kan’t stop Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

  1. I love their Insane work ethic. They all have their own individual projects going on. Kylie has Kylie Cosmetics, Kim has KKW Beauty and Khloe has Good American Jeans. I love how hard the women work. Oh, I forgot, Rob has the Arthur George socks line. They all stay at the top of their game! #Bosses

2. The show is hilarious. There is at least three funny moments in each episode. My favourite funny moment has to be when Kim is taking selfies in the car whilst Khloe is on the way to jail. That is a classic Kardashian moment.


3. I love how glamorous the Kardashians are. I love Kim’s style. It is clear Kanye helps her out with fashion choices. I also really like the clothes Khloe wears. They even influence other celebrities which is cool. I really like watching the lifestyle and life overseas, I find it interesting.

4. The evolution. The Kardashians have really evolved. Since the show started, they have become extremely popular and are now absolutely huge. Some say the Kardashians are desperate for fame but I think they are really good at what they do. Kim was once Paris Hilton’s assistant and she made a name for herself. I don’t think the sex tape made her!

5. The Kardashians keep going. There has been divorces, a huge kidnap ordeal, heartache and lawsuits but they just bounce back each time and continue to stay relevant!

Stay Golden!



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