Five of the best TED X Talks on YouTube

Welcome back, I have been extremely busy lately. But I think busy is good. I like being productive. Summer is coming to an end and it’s nearly time to go back to University. I’ve been working an awful lot this Summer as well as trying to maintain my blog and other affairs. I always say life is all about balance. I’ve also started writing a book which has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. So I’m happy. I want to live, learn and grow. But most importantly, learn from all my mistakes and just do me. I’m so fed up of people saying, “hey Nay (this is not an indirect..or maybe it is) why don’t you blog about this”.. I love suggestions and I love the fact that people take an interest in what I write about. But if your so interested in what your telling me to write about, start your own blog because this is my Golden Perspective.

I’m not a fan of wasting time but If I ever get time to just sit around, I normally watch YouTube videos and have lazy days. I often, try and embrace anything that teaches me something new or motivates me. I am also a complete documentary freak and I am not ashamed. David Attenborough is actually my bae, I love the man. I appreciate his soothing voice and endless amounts of knowledge.


The man is a living legend. Anyway, I am constantly watching nature documentaries and historical documentaries or programmes based on social experiments, you name it. I’m that one friend in the friendship group that knows weird facts that no one really cares about. If it’s something fun, packed full of knowledge or random facts, I am involved. I love YouTube, I enjoy watching make up tutorials and funny challenges but recently another channel has caught my eye.


TEDx Talks is a YouTube channel dedicated to celebrating locally driven ideas and elevating them to global stage. They can be anywhere and everywhere and that’s what is fantastic about TED x! Recently, I’ve been watching about ten videos in a row on my lazy days and they really are great. I’m going to talk through five talks, I have really enjoyed and learnt a few things from. The videos aren’t very long and they are extremely interesting and action packed. They feature the most magnificent and brave people. It’s been so hard, to choose my favourite talks but here are five, here goes! I hope you enjoy this post.

Sam Berns was the most remarkable 17 year old young man. He was diagnosed with Progeria, a rare, rapid aging disease at the age of two. This talk includes Sam talking about his philosophy for a happy life. He never let anything get him down and his mind set was a truly beautiful trait. We can all learn from Sam’s philosophy. His tips include surrounding yourself with people you want to be around and looking ahead. These are great tips and will surely help us all. This talk is worth watching!

You guys already know how much I love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I think she is smart, talented and funny. I loved this TED talk. It made me laugh so much. The audience absolutely love her. If you want to understand feminism, this is the best talk to watch. In Chimanda’s TED talk, she talks about her ‘dreams and plans of a different and fairer world. A world of happier men and happier woman who are truer to themselves’. I agree with many of her points in her talk. Her wisdom is something we should all embrace. I can’t wait to read her books.

Ashley Graham is a super babe and American model. She was discovered in a mall, at the age of twelve. Ashley regularly speaks about body image, self acceptance and female empowerment. Ashley calls plus size, her size.. In her TED talk she talks about her successful modelling career and childhood. After watching this talk, I realised we need to love every part of ourselves and embrace our bodies. Thanks Ashley!

Lizzie Velasquez was once named the ugliest woman in the world. Humans can be so cruel at times, right? Lizzie’s TED talk is all about how she defines herself, which I feel is the most important thing, not what others think of you. Lizzie was born with a very rare syndrome which means she can’t gain any weight. In Lizzie’s talk, she talks about being bullied and not letting her syndrome define who she is. Lizzie is a strong and brave woman who lets her success and accomplishments define her. She also has multiple books out. This talk is extremely emotional and motivating.

We all recognise Kayode Ewumi right? He gave us endless laughs and banter for days in Hood Documentary. He is a writer and actor. In his TED talk he explains his journey and talks about how he discovered his own courage to pursue his ambitions. This TED talk was actually uploaded onto the TEDx Talks channel this month. Kayode talks us through  his story. Honestly it’s also hilarious. He says ‘if you haven’t got desire, you can’t do what you want to do’. I agree.

These talks are honestly amazing. I’m still on my own personal journey, growing and learning and I say this is all the time because it’s true. I used to read The Secret books (which are amazing) and try and grab as many self help books as possible. But I feel like these TED talks are a much better source as you can see that everything, you are being told is true. These people are products of the tips they are passing on to us. They have been through their own struggles and triumphed. TED Talks are like mini documentaries packed full of information, advice and honesty. My other favourite TED Talks include talks from Maya Jama, Karl Lokko and Maleek Berry. Subscribe to the TEDx Talks YouTube channel to stay updated!

Stay Golden.



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