Obby..Obby..Obby! My Cocktail and sushi masterclass experience

Welcome back to my blog, I hope you guys have been enjoying the last days of summer and my last post helped you all. I had a chance to visit last days of Shoreditch last Friday and it was amazing. This post is all about the amazing Obby masterclass I attended on Saturday.

Last week, Patricia Bright gave her Snapchat followers some advice. She said ‘if you can’t do something, learn how to do it’.. and I totally agree. I am a big Foodie, I love going out drinking or trying new food. But I am not much of a chef at all. Anyway, I absolutely love Sushi, there are so many different types. A lot of people get scared by the idea of Sushi, because it is of course raw fish, however people don’t seem to realise how tasty it is! I’m used to eating Sushi or ordering the most exotic cocktail on the menu (Fancy an apple pie cocktail anyone? Head down to CAU restaurant) but I have never attempted to make either! But it’s out with the old & in with the new as they say! I try and step out of my comfort zone as much as I can.

I’ve been watching Masterchef recently, so I was really happy to be stepping into a kitchen that wasn’t erm..my own and really excited to be a part of the Sushi and Cocktail Masterclass at Kouzu, booked through Obby. Obby has all your favourite courses, workshops and classes in London on their snazzy website and all in one place! Classes range from Arts and crafts, food, drinks and tasting. Heath, beauty and photography.

Obby is great as they meet all teachers, artists, makers, chefs and mixologists personally, so that they can be confident in all of our learning experiences. I am all for new experiences. Doing new things is exciting and thrilling. Are you the adventurous one in your friendship group or relationship? Well, it’s easy to book and Obby will help you find the class of your dreams.

Whether that’s a ‘shoe making workshop’ or a ‘wheel thrown pottery class’. Why not give someone the gift of learning and buy them an Obby gift card? Then they can pick any class on the Obby site. Check out the Obby website and book your class today! If you find your class cheaper somewhere else, let Obby know and you will get your money back. Have to cancel last minute? Obby offers the most flexible cancellation terms around London town. Watch my experience in the video below and continue reading to find out more about my Obby experience at Kouzu.


The Masterclass

My class was held at Kouzu, a beautiful Japanese restaurant in Belgravia. The decor is amazing and the dining area is set out on three levels however the masterclass was located in the cocktail bar and lounge area on the ground floor. By the time, I had arrived and walked the 5 minute walk from Victoria station, I was ready to learn and discover all of the secrets of Sushi and cocktail making. The class was three hours and very informative. At the beginning of the class, we were taught about the origin of Sushi, which was extremely interesting. The history of Sushi began with paddy fields in Southeast Asia where fish was fermented with salt and rice, after which the rice was discarded. #CleverCloggs

After the chef quickly made some Sushi in front of us, it was so quick and professional, part of me wanted to look for the nearest exit. We were treated to some Sushi to taste before being allowed to make our own! We made our own Sushi using fresh ingredients,  including sticky rice, salmon and seaweed. My technique included grabbing fists fulls of rice and neatly trying to fold them over inside the mat. I did need some extra assistance but it was so enjoyable!


After making our Sushi, we were moved over to the bar area. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited! Every single time I order a cocktail when I am out, I always watch the bartenders in awe, as they spin, mix and conjour up my cocktail. We sat on the bar chairs and watched the staff, make Martinis. After they were finished, the class were given the challenging tasks of tasting the cocktails. Take a look at the Sushi I made below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After sampling 2 or 3 cocktails, we were allowed to go behind the bar and create our own cocktails. I really depended on the print outs we were handed, but the bartenders, were on hand to help us. Throughout the whole experience, we were encouraged to ask questions. I was so proud of my Sushi and cocktail after the lesson had finished. We were also given some really good tips to help us make our own Sushi and cocktails in the future. I would definitely visit Kouzu again!



Kouzu’s Sushi & Cocktail masterclass is the perfect gift for a Sushi lover, friend or loved one. The class is from £52.40 per person. Book through Obby here : https://obby.co.uk/classes/food/sushi/sushi-and-cocktail-masterclass-kouzu-belgravia-london

If Sushi or cooking isn’t your thing, Obby have a range of different classes and workshops to explore! Head over to https://obby.co.uk/ for more information on all the fantastic classes they offer! Hmm, not sure what’s next  for me. Chocolate making, cupcake baking or decorating Pizza, Pasta & Antipasto? They are just a few of the options I have to choose from!

Until next time, Stay Golden

Naomi x




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