My Prestige Flowers / Miss London Fashion week? Same! LFW : My roundup

Hello Fashionistas, how is everyone? I am still recovering from LFW. Plus I am really upset that Summer is over. I’m going back to University next week which makes me sad because I know, I won’t be having as many adventures and happy, because I am overly ready to learn more about PR and grab my degree with both hands. I’ll be going into my second year of University. This week, I was thrilled to receive the prettiest bouquet ever from Prestige Flowers. The flowers are from their Luxury range of flowers. I love Roses! The Roses have a bittersweet smell but they are so pretty to look at and brighten up my living room. They came with a handy Flower care guide and a very convenient glass vase. Flowers always cheer me up, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet. Want to treat your loved ones? Get yourself a Prestige Hamper or head to the Prestige Flowers site and they will find you the perfect bouquet!

So London Fashion Week is over and back again next year. Fashion week is like a classy, boujee freshers week. I mean they both take place in the same month and they are both full of alcohol, bleary eyes and no sleep. People that attended LFW every single day are literal machines. I missed quite a few days and I was still exhausted. The picture of Naomi below is how I’m feeling today and it’s been more than a week now. This is just a quick post to say, LFW.. I miss you!


 It was my first Fashion week, others I came across, had attended 6 years in a row. So it’s fair to say, I was an absolute newbie. I was exhausted after the first official day. It is overwhelming and exciting all at once. I mean, I did attend the New Look and British fashion council launch party the day before but honestly, I think either way, I would have been shattered. On the first day, I was so tired, I missed the first show, I was supposed to attend. I mean the shows can start from as early as 8 am and you can’t just wear sweats and your favourite pair of Converses. It is an event, a spectacle and a soirée. Plus you might get papped! Photographers are absolutely everywhere as soon as you get to the Strand with huge cameras.

LFW isn’t the place to be, if you don’t like pictures and it’s the only place, it’s okay for absolute strangers to take pictures of you. From paparazzi looking for celebrities and news to bloggers with their trusty I-Phone 7’s, as well as Fashion students soaking it all in. Someone will take at least 3 pictures of you in the first 15  minutes (or less) of you being there. I was nervous at first because it’s so busy and there’s people everywhere. I’m not a fashion blogger but it was so nice to be in such an exciting and fast paced environment. I also enjoyed dressing up and covering myself in Mac Fix + because I wasn’t trying to look oily in any pictures!

The queues to get into the shows, were long but they went very quickly. There’s queues and taxis pulling in with people wearing the most amazing clothes. You look at what everyone else is wearing and it makes you question how good you look. At the same time, you are inspired and surrounded by fashion inspo. Most of the fashion shows, I went too, were located at the strand. I was fascinated by how quickly whole layouts of shows would change. The room would look completely different each time.. just like magic. I love Popcorn and Proper Corn were sponsors of LFW, so I ate my way through a few packets of them. My favourite flavour is Coconut and Vanilla! Unfortunately I wasn’t sitting in #FROW but I did have a very good view. I especially enjoyed the Pam Hogg Show and the Teatum Jones show.


Several Amputees featured in Teatum Jones ‘s show which was beautiful and very unique. A woman with a prosthetic leg also graced the catwalk. Paralympian Natasha Baker, known as the ‘Horse Whisperer’, played in the background. It was very inspiring. I went to a few LFW after parties which were just as exciting as the shows! I partied day one away at Drama London hosted by the Fantastic designer @jaynepierson123 (on Instagram) at @dramaparklane

I also went to a few Fashion Scout shows which were amazing. The Fashion Scout shows were located in the grand, Free Masons Hall. A building with stained glass windows and a story too tell. I loved watching the models pose and strut. The shows have such a great atmosphere. People were excited and giddy. I also went to the Irene Suju presentation which was extremely kawii and cute. If you were going to the Fashion Scout shows as well as the shows based at the strand, like myself, you walked an awful lot and deserve the rest you are having now. I really enjoyed LFW. Really proud of my feature image btw, captured a walking beauty!

Until next year, goodbye LFW. Stay Stylish. Don’t forget to follow my new Instagram : @Naomi.Yazmin

Naomi x


My looks during LFW :




Fasionistas I snapped during LFW :

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