A day out at the Hair in Motion Expo & Masterclass with celebrity hair stylists Tokyo Stylez & Anthony Cuts

Welcome back to The Golden Perspective Blog. I hope everyone is Golden. September really has been the month of events, events and more events. I’ve had such a great month, full of networking and even the odd party.. I went to the Hair In Motion 2017 Expo with Tokyo Stylez and Anthony Cuts. It was the first time, they have been together in the UK! This post is a long one but I guarantee, I am going to give you great tips from the hair Gods themselves, on how to look after your natural hair and make your wig slay!

Hair is a multi billion dollar industry. What can I say, people just love too look good! Honestly, I don’t know anything at all about wigs, weaves and extensions so I invited my good friend and Youtuber Loreal Rochelle to attend the event with me. Loreal has a new hairstyle every single week. From wigs, to braids and her natural hair. My girl is always rocking something new! Loreal offered to write for this blog post which is great as she knows more about hair and can give some bomb ass tips!

Loreal is my first guest writer and I hope to have some more featured on my blog in the future! My hair journey is very simple.. I am all natural. I have braids sometimes but I normally have my hair naturally curly and I only straighten it once a year, normally on my birthday. I stopped using heat on my hair because I realised that my hair didn’t need it. I love my curls! My hair has grown so much because I stopped straightening it so often. The expo was open to everyone interested in the hair and beauty industry.  There were many entrepreneurs, hair stylists and hair enthusiasts in the audience. The atmosphere was great and people were really eager to learn! The event was very organised and efficient. I loved my ORS Goodybag which was full of treats. I am going to hand this post to Loreal but before I do, I’d like to introduce the Hair Gods.. Tokyo Stylez and Anthony Cuts..

Tokyo Stylez


Okay NGL, when I saw Tokyo Stylez, I died a little. I am a huge fan of the Kardashians as everyone knows and Tokyo is Kylie Jenner’s go to hair stylist and friend.. Tokyo recently starred on the Life of Kylie. He has worked on Kim Kardashian’s hair before, but normally works on Kylie’s hair. Tokyo has also worked on Naomi Campbell, Rihanna, Teyanna Taylor and many more. Tokyo told us, that the most hair bundles, he has ever used is eleven and a half on K Michelle! He also told us that Kylie likes glueless wigs and can’t stand glue at all! Tokyo wanted us to learn so much, he even removed his own wig to show us all the deets..


Tokyo is originally from Omaha Nebraska and his career has taken off fast! Tokyo explained his story to us. He knew he wanted to do hair from a very young age! Tokyo explained that he started doing his sister’s Cornrows at the age of eleven when his mother was incarcerated. He was charging people at the age of just ten years old. #HustleHard

He then eventually evolved his talents! Tokyo is your favourite fairy God Mother when it comes to hair extensions and masterful wig creations. I hadn’t seen hair, so long until I saw Tokyo’s hair at the expo. Tokyo’s hair was literally on fleek, fleek and more fleek. Tokyo was bubbly, funny and friendly. His passion and happiness is contagious. Tokyo started working with celebs because he promoted himself and relied on word of mouth. He told us, Keisha Cole was the first celeb he ever worked with.. let’s just say it wasn’t a very good experience.. Okay, I’m going to sip my tea now…


Tokyo gave a great masterclass and allowed us to ask as many questions as we wanted too! I honestly couldn’t stop looking at him.. he had such a golden glow! I learnt so much from Tokyo and I don’t even wear wigs. However I’d like to try wearing a wig one day! Tokyo sets the trends and told us the new trend is laying your baby hairs when wearing a wig! He even renames techniques, calling the blanket sitch technique, the bunny hop sitch instead. Tokyo’s hair starts from $950 and Tokyo believes hair stylists should raise their prices for the future of the hair industry.

Anthony Cuts


Anthony Cuts is a God in the hair industry and has a decade of expertise. He has over 2 million followers across Instagram and Facebook. He was very funny and serious. It was clear, he knew, he was great! His hairstyles are very popular worldwide. Anthony has featured in the Daily Mail, Essence Magazine, and Business Insider and more! He knows everything there is to know about cutting hair.. #TheAnthonyAffect

Loreal Rochelle’s Perspective

Hello guys, so if you love keeping up with the latest trends and tips within the hair and beauty industry, then this blog post is for you. I spend so much time online researching and watching YouTube tutorials on how to get the best products. I also like to know what to use to maintain my natural hair and what products to use on my weaves and wigs. I got the opportunity to meet two of the best celebrity hair stylists in the game, Tokyo Stylez and Anthony Cuts. I attended a two-day masterclass on behalf of The Golden Perspective Blog with Naomi. I’d never been to a hair masterclass before so I was rather excited to be there. Hair in Motion Expo was located at the Hilton hotel. When I arrived, I was greeted and it was lovely upon arrival. We headed on inside. Tokyo started the masterclass by explaining the maintenance and tips of a lace frontal wig. The room was really nice and glam. They had notepads on the tables and refreshments.


I spoke to one of the hair models, she had her hair washed, cut and styled by Anthony. I asked how she felt about her cut as it was on her natural hair and she said, she was in love with the look. It really did look great on her. She said that she asked for tips on how to maintain it and what products to use as a bob cut is hard to maintain. We agreed, wrapping your hair at night is key. There were product freebies and one of the sponsors was ORS, so we all went home with great products. I love using ORS products on my hair especially on my natural hair. My favourite ORS product is the edge control and the olive oil edge control, I love the way it slicks down my edges as curly as they are, the edge control holds them down.


I would definitely say my experience was a great one. I learnt so many things and found out, I was already doing things right. I would definitely love to go to more masterclasses like this in the future. Especially to ask questions and learn about things that I am interested in. You should attend a masterclass, if you are interested in hair and beauty and want to perfect your craft or even if you, just enjoy serving looks on yourself.

Or maybe you are already a hair dresser? Investing in your work is important and attending masterclasses is great. Plus it is nice to hear from successful people within the industry you want to go into.

The tips below from Anthony Cuts are beneficial to me because under the protective hairstyles, I do have natural hair and I always try to maintain my natural hair. However, it is never easy and is always a struggle. It is hard to know what products are best to use.  If you’re wearing wigs and weaves, your hair underneath also needs to be maintained, so all these tips will definitely help you! I can’t wait to use these products. The tips below from Tokyo are great as they will definitely get your frontal slaying and snatched by the Gods. It requires a lot of focus and patience when constructing a lace frontal wig but the end result is definitely worth it.

When I was writing these tips down, I was so happy, I already knew some of the tips Tokyo told us. My favourite tip from him, was all the info on the Got2b glue. Everyone always says the one in the black tube is better but I agree with Tokyo, that the one in the yellow tube is definitely better. When I apply it right and use the Got2be glue and the freezing spray together, it lasts for 3 days without reapplying it and it really does hold well. I love it! It dries quickly and is very easy to remove. It doesn’t affect your hair which is great! I also learnt that, I need to apply the glue to my skin as when the white appears, it means you are applying it to the hair. I used to apply it to the hair! But now I know, it should only be on the skin. So, thanks Tokyo!

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Thanks Loreal, here are some exclusive tips from the Masterclass #HairGods

5 Tips On How To Maintain Natural Hair By Anthony Cuts 

  • Black Top Serum and Olive sheen spray and rusk thermal sheen spray are favourite products to use by Anthony Cuts on his clients
  • For a clean blow-dry position the comb in a downward motion to help keep the heat in hair when you use product in it
  • Apple cider vinegar doesn’t strip oils from hair when applying to scalp rub it in
  • Don’t shampoo everyday and use sulphate free products, as they are good for your hair
  • Dyson Dryers are the best for a good blow-dry. Very high end and expensive but a good investment

5 Tips On How To Lay A Frontal Wig By Tokyo Stylez

  • Got2b glue in the tube (yellow) and the freezing spray (yellow) is the best to use as its more stickier & dries a lot quicker. It has a longer hold compared to the Got2b in (black) tube
  • Lace is only for skin or when applying the gel/glue white will show up on your lace
  • Raw coconut oil & C22 softener to take of the Got2b glue
  • Always pull the lace forward over the hairline, never back so it fits to your face . Cotton thread holds better
  • Tokyo believes you should never stop learning because teachers learn everyday too!
  • In a celeb word, tables can change, people always remember the things you do, so stay humble!

Until next time #HairinMotionExpo2017 thank you for having us, it was an amazing experience. Take a look at our pictures and videos from the event below! Stay Golden!


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