Five random and unusual things you can do in London right now and My cookie dough..obsession!

Hello guys, welcome back. New Day, New Post! Did you know I’m happiest when I’m writing about restaurants, I love or all my favourite places in London? This post is all about five unusual things, you can do in London right now as well as My Cookie Dough Obsession. It’s my fav dessert right now and I have found the best Cookie Dough in London! This Cookie Dough has my Golden Approval (a little phrase, I use when I really, really like something) I also want to make a Golden Approval badge which will feature on my blog and alert you guys about the best of the best! I hope to introduce Golden Approvals on my blog, later this year!

 Find out more about my Cookie Monster appetite below! I love living in London because there is always something weird and wonderful going on. Whenever I want to know what is happening in London, I normally go online and visit Time Out or Londonist.

It’s also worth picking up the Evening Standard or Metro, they normally help me out, if I’m ever stuck on what to do! If I like the sound of an event or venue, I go online and use hash tags to see reactions and pictures. The pictures, venues and companies post are great but I love and prefer seeing things from a customer’s point of view. Summer is over but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to have fun. Keep reading because you already know I’m the plug..

1. One-Day Burgundy Wine School via Obby


Bored of traditional education? Why not, try Wine school? Yes, you guessed it, this is one of the classes on my fav site Obby! I looked through the site for the most unusual option and decided Wine School was pretty weird.. however ‘Harmonising the Yin and the Yang Workshop’ was a close second. This is the most expensive option on my list but we all know Wine isn’t the cheapest beverage.

So, what will you learn in Wine school? You will learn about Burgundy in eastern France and the key characteristics that this region is famous for, including Grand Cru, Premier Cru and village Wines. You’ll also be treated to a Burgundy-themed luncheon. You can register for Wine school via Obby. The Class is located at Berry Bros and Rudd in Mayfair and is £345 per person. More information here

2. Ballie Ballerson


I am so excited about Ballie Ballerson because I really wanted to go when it was open in Summer. Just when I thought it was too late and all of my ball pit dreams were over, they are back in Shoreditch with amazing cocktails and loads and loads of balls. No idea, what I’m talking about? Ballie Ballerson is an adult ball pit cocktail bar. Yes, just for adults and complete with one million balls, a ball pit waterfall and three private ball pits.

Ballie Ballerson drinks photos Stacey Hatfield October 2016

Balie Ballerson say ‘their venue loves the camera more than a Kardashian’ so get ready to take a lot of pictures. Their cocktails are as much part of the experience as the balls and include theatrical cocktails based around retro sweets from your childhood and trickery plus glitter! Tickets are £15-£25. I can’t wait to visit with my girls! More information here

3. Time Run


Time Run is designed for anyone with a sense of adventure. If you’re looking for a thrilling and unique excursion to challenge your friends or your family, then you’ll love Time Run. Honestly, the idea of being trapped anywhere doesn’t sound appealing to me. I hate the idea of having to run or escape and I honestly think I am too much of a wimp for Time Run but I included it because I think you guys, might enjoy it! I know you are all far more adventurous than me. Time Run is designed for 3-6 players and is £33 each for both missions. Have fun, running through time, before your 60 minutes are up. More information here

4. PediBus


Now this is what I’m talking about, alcohol on wheels baby! PediBus is a bus that takes team work to move! A total maximum of 12 people can be on a PediBus. They are easy to cycle and move slowly due to the gearing. In fact even one person can power the Pedibus. The London Tours are £25 per person for any group size. You can bring drinks on board and play your own music. Plus there is always time for a pub stop on the route as well. More information here

5. Ice Karting


Fancy yourself as a bit of a Lewis Hamilton but eagerly waiting for Dancing on Ice to return? Karting on Ice is a thing now! I haven’t even tried Go Karting yet and now racing and Ice are a combo.. I am confused and intrigued. You can race up to eight karts around a 12,000 ft2 ice rink at Queens Skate. Ice Karting is running on Tuesday & Sunday evenings, from 7pm till 10.20pm at Queens Skate. However there are a few Ice Rinks now offering this Icey Ordeal. More information here

My Cookie Dough..Obsession

We all know Cookie dough is life..the blend of cookie ingredients which has not yet been hardened by heat is better and tastier than any cookie or biscuit. I order it from Creams, Pizza Hut and even scrape all the pieces out of my Ben and Jerry’s tub. But I recently tried My Cookie Dough and I haven’t looked back once! I am just a tiny bit obsessed. It is absolutely delicious and by far, the best Cookie dough, I have ever had. The Cookie Dough is soft and dreamy. You can have it freshly baked served with fresh Ice Cream, blended into a thick and creamy Dough Shake or mixed in with Ice Cream and wrapped with a fluffy Candy Floss Cloud. My nearest location is inside Stratford, Westfield.


They are so popular and on occasion, have even teamed up with my favs Pan n Ice who are also based in Stratford, Westfield. The menu is great and there is a lot to choose from! I’ve tried the Salted Caramel Brownie, Orignal Milk chocolate candy floss cloud and the Slutty Brownie.. They are all divine! I’d just like to point out that I didn’t eat all of those in one day. My favourite would have to be the Slutty Brownie. It was original Cookie Dough with a huge chocolate brownie on top filled with Oreos. It was so filling, I couldn’t even finish it all. I really recommend visiting My Cookie Dough if you have a sweet tooth and cookie monster appetite. Check out, my pictures below! More information here




You can find me on Instagram @Naomi.Yazmin and don’t forget to tweet me if you visit any of the locations @NaomiYazminn Until next time, Stay Golden. Naomi x

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