Black history month : Identity and race and”are you half white”? (1/2)

Hey guys! It’s Black history month so I have decided to write a post on race and identity. I woke up feeling extremely blessed and inspired this morning. Identity has been a huge theme that keeps coming up, this Black history month. I went to the TedXEustonSalon student event on identity last week. It was absolutely fantastic. There was amazing food, drink, people and music. Speakers included political commenter Imad Mesdoua, Musican Sherika Sherard, Tech entrepuener Timothy Armoo and photographer and poet Amaal Said. It was so interesting to find out what identity means to each of us. What does identity mean to you?

Blogger Grace F Victory wrote a post on her blackness and I felt inspired to write my own. There is a lot of diversity in London. There are people from every single country in London and that is one of the things, I love about my city. I know a lot of people love this about London, however this wasn’t apparent in 2016 when the crazy side of Britain voted for Brexit. Some believe London is overcrowded and some believe that Britain isn’t for everyone. This was a real shocker for me and Brexit isn’t something I embrace or encourage.

Who am I?

Londoners are curious people. I often get people, ask me where I am from. Which is really nice. However sometimes, they let me answer and sometimes they ask me and then..answer for me. “Your Mixed Race, your Mixed Race aren’t you” or “are you half White?” They say to me as they look at my skin and curly hair. First of all, the definition ‘Mixed Race’ means you are from multiple countries. People often, naively assume ‘Mixed Race’ means you are Black and White. However that is not always the case and it isn’t my case. There isn’t an island of Mixed Race people, we are from actual countries.


On forms, I never know what to pick when I am reading through the ethnic groups but that doesn’t mean I don’t know where I am from. I always pause..please tick if you are ‘Black African / Caribbean’. Please tick if you are ‘Mixed African and White’. Please tick if you are ‘Asian’. ‘Mixed’ or ‘Other’ I guess I am ‘Other’ or ‘Mixed’. My Dad is Ghanaian and Indian and my Mum is Ghanaian. However I am born in London. That makes me British as well.


People born in Britain, often class themselves as British but how many identify as a British person or citizen? Some, pay no attention to where their parents are from. London is a huge part of me. I have lived here, all my life. But when people ask me where I’m from, my first answer is Ghana. I assume, people know I am British because of my awkward accent and the array of British slang words, I use, sometimes. Maybe, my first answer is Ghana because I feel at home when I go to Ghana, I feel relaxed, calm and adventurous. In London, I am always busy, no matter what day it is. I feel proud to be Ghanaian, we are friendly and smart. I love being from multiple countries and each one makes me the person I am today! 

Read part two of this post here : and find out my opinions on the “light skin fetish” and more..

Stay Golden


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