Black history month : Identity and race and”are you half white”? (2/2)


In Grace’s blog post, she talks about how light skin has been ‘fetished’ over the years and how it is often, seen as an ideal skin tone. She says ‘I began to realise to realise that people would want my skin colour but not the actual racial identity and history that came with it’. Read Grace’s post here :

I have never understood, the whole light skin craze. In twenty years, I have had a wide range of comments from “you think your nice because your light skin” or “you give light skin replies”. When I was younger, I even made a few of those stupid comments myself. Looking back, I can see how stupid those comments actually are. It suggests people with light skin are more important or superior than people with darker skin.


I came across many ‘light skin memes’ on Google and there was a lot of ‘funny’ pictures. Pages and Pages of them. I see a lot of these kind of pictures, being shared on Black Twitter. As Black people, we hate when companies like Dove make adverts of Black women becoming white but we share memes and use phrases that are worse. I have never felt better than anyone else, because of my skin colour. Pictures like this are taking the internet by storm.

What can we do to change all of this? Let’s stop sharing and creating memes like the one, featured in this post. Let’s celebrate and share Black excellence instead. I love it when I see Black businesses being promoted on Twitter. Social media is a great tool and we can use it to our advantage. We give money to hair shops that sell products we need and use everyday, however these shops are often owned by Asian people. We should shop in Black owned Hair and Beauty Shops like Xsandys in South East London. More information here :

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