Things no one tells you about using social media as an Influencer or Blogger & my photowall canvas

Hey guys, what’s going on? Did everyone enjoy their Black Friday weekend? I brought quite a few things from I Saw it and my favs Missguided and Pretty little thing were doing 50% off everything which made me so happy. It’s Cyber Monday, today and I feel like the offers aren’t stopping, anytime soon! Treat yourself and grab some bits, if you haven’t already.

I’ll admit I have been MIA. November has been hectic but I am so excited for Christmas and the new year. This month, I’ve been networking hard! I love going to events and meeting fellow Bloggers and creatives. I find it so inspiring and fun. Plus I never know where my blogging journeys will take me. Earlier this month, I had the best time at the MTV Raps show presented by Charlie Sloth. Guests included Yxng Bane, Wretch 32, Krept and Konan and more. I am starting to listen to more UK music and I think there’s some great songs out there at the moment. #mansnothot


I’ve also visited the Nasty Gal pop up store on Carnaby street, for a few events. Here’s a picture of me peeking in their fridge..visit if you haven’t already! I can’t wait to release my Christmas content next month. I’ll be posting the most festive places in London as well as the best ice rinks and places to eat throughout the festive period.

My PhotoWall Canvas is a Swedish brand with beautiful canvas prints and wall murals. Photowall sent me a canvas for my room and I am so happy with it. There are so many options to choose from. Categories include cities, landscapes, Unicorns (obsessed with Unicorns) and more!

I picked a canvas print using my own image from LFW. The canvas is 120 x 60cm and it came with a frame. It is huge! I was shocked, when it arrived. You can pick and crop, which design you prefer and the exact dimensions you want. My canvas came extremely quickly and I was able to track my parcel with the DHL website.


I was quite surprised, I had to assemble the canvas by hand as I thought it would arrive completed and ready to hang up. However this avoids damage and everything you need to assemble, the canvas is included. It doesn’t take too long, however I did get some help! The canvas is great quality, I was very impressed and I am extremely happy. Take a look at my pictures and use my discount code pwnaomitgpcampaign2017 on for 20% off  (All words and opinions are my own)

Things no one tells you about using social media as an Influencer or Blogger..

 It’s no secret, that I love to blog but there are pros and cons! This post is all about me spilling the tea on social media behind closed doors. There can be a lot of shade and negativity. Questions like ‘is Instagram a real job’? or ‘is this what you want to do then’? are often asked and everyone has some kind of opinion. Some say Influencers do nothing but take pictures of themselves all day. But if you are a Blogger or an Influencer, you will know, there’s more to Instagram and blogging than meets the eye. Blogging isn’t just standing outside a pretty pink door in Notting Hill looking fleeky.

For Bloggers that blog part time like myself or bloggers that blog as a full time job and rely on blogging to make money, there is a lot of hard work involved. Bloggers are sent items or ‘PR packages’ in return for a review or post. Sometimes bloggers have codes or are asked to advertise products which give them commission. You need to post before a certain date or even a certain time. That’s a lot of posts and deadlines, if you receive a lot of packages. However receiving free or discounted things is a great perk! Blogging and posting on social media takes up a lot of time. I am a student and I also work part time, so sometimes it is hard too balance everything! However consistency in anything is key, if you want to do well.

Big Bloggers like Sarah Ashcroft and Tammy Hembrow make most of their money from commission, sponsorships and advertising. Both ladies are blogging sensations and have their own collections with In the and this proves social media can take you all the way up and change your life. This is definitely a positive thing.

A few years ago, you couldn’t earn money from posting a picture on Instagram or Twitter. This is one thing I love about social media. It really is a fantastic platform which offers great opportunities to basically, anyone! However sometimes you need to question if reviews or opinions are real as some bloggers see or receive £££ and forget about telling the truth. Ever wonder why suddenly everyone is using the same toothpaste?

I also love that you have the power to influence and help people. If people like what you do, you have the ability to reach out to a lot of people, all over the world! Tammy, for example has a social media presence of 6 million plus followers on Instagram and 660,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Sometimes, I feel like there are so many bloggers and Instagram is just full of them. Content is cliché with people doing the exact same make up looks and hauls. I try and make my posts unique. There is pressure to stand out because if you are the same as everyone else, you won’t get noticed. When you are a blogger, you are using tools like Instagram and Twitter for business purposes, it makes it less fun as it isn’t just a hobby anymore. Blogging isn’t my job right now, but if it ever does become something, I do full time, I hope I never fall out of love with it. I don’t ever, want it to feel like a chore!

Every positive thing comes with a few negative things right? This month has proved popularity and success on social media and the celeb world, isn’t everything! You must remember, you are in the spotlight. You do need to be strong as not everyone will like you and people will often try and find reasons too dislike you. #Haters

Blogger Jayde Pierce has recently talked about her eating disorder and receiving comments about her recent weight loss. She kindly asked her fans to stop commenting on her body as even though, they may feel like they know her, they do not. A lot of people assume they know, everything about you! It must be hard to be in the spotlight all the time. Celebs often talk about their struggles with simple things like going to the shop. Imagine being mobbed in Tescos.. #Awks

Even if you aren’t a Zoella or Alfie, if you are producing content you want others to see and embrace, you are a public figure. It’s important to remember everything you post on the internet is out there for life! Blogging sensation Zoella was under fire recently for old offensive tweets, she posted years ago! Rapper Stormzy was also under fire for some old tweets recently and YouTuber Jack Maynard was kicked off I’m a celebrity for inappropriate messages, he sent when he was 16 years old. Yes, 16. Everything you post will stay on the internet and if you are in the spotlight, things may resurface and blow up in your face later on..

If you are quite new to blogging, please don’t feel like you aren’t doing well because you don’t have a certain amount of subscribers, likes or followers. Understand that everyone starts from somewhere! Furthermore, don’t just do it for those reasons. Post because you are passionate and excited about the content you create. I started my blog because I loved to write as a little girl and I want to show people, what it’s like to live in London as a twenty year old young lady.

IMG_1017 (1)

I don’t have fancy equipment and I write on my (ugly but still kind of cute) HP Laptop. I don’t really know where blogging will take me but I am really enjoying the ride. I have been blogging for less than a year and I am actually really proud of what, I have achieved. Now I know, how much I love blogging, I will start to invest into it. I am looking at rebranding my blog at the moment and making my content better. Don’t compare yourself to others! Be inspired. You don’t have too have a flashy camera or laptop but if you want to produce the best content, it is wise to invest in some flashy bloggy tools. I can’t wait to share my festive blog posts with you all!

See you in December,

Your Golden Gal x

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