New year, New me? My year so far plus my take on new year resolutions..

So it’s 2018, which means fresh starts, fresh trims and a fresh year. I am so happy, we get to start all over again because each year is a chance to improve yourself and be better. After all the excitement in December and the start of January, it’s time to really knuckle down and get 2018, started. Are you happy with how January has been so far or is this just a trial month for you? Don’t worry, 2018 can always restart in February. I’m already looking forward to summer. I brought my weekend Wireless festival ticket today (line up is insane) and I also can’t wait to travel this summer. Some struggle to get into January but my January has been good so far, it’s my birthday month and I feel particularly motivated at the moment which is good. I am ready to get things, done and kick laziness out of my life.

I never shy away from reflecting. I think it’s the best way to improve or change. 2017 was a great year, filled with ups and down. I am so happy with my blogging journey so far. There was so many great events last year and I networked extremely hard. Blogging has definitely made me more confident. For example, at the start of 2017, I didn’t really feature pictures of myself on my blog or social media. I deleted my Instagram earlier in the year because I didn’t really like pictures unless I was in control of the camera myself. Even a selfie was rare but I did continue to use Snapchat.

Naomi Y

However all the pictures featured in this blog post were taken last year, when I did a photo shoot with a friend / photographer. I haven’t shared them on my blog and thought it would be a nice way to spice up the post. I didn’t even think I’d ever do a shoot. I was so camera shy! But I wasn’t always like that. I think I lost myself a bit, somewhere in the year. However I am back and so happy, I featured in my own shoot and I can’t wait for another one!

When I had my North West “no pictures,” phase, I’d always take pictures of everyone else and what I was doing or where I was. But never, really of me. I am so happy, I got over that phase. That’s exactly what it was, a phase. I think it’s okay to go through phases in life. One day, you love something and the next day, you hate it, that’s life. It’s okay to change your mind. Each year, you learn different things about yourself, life and the world. In 2017, I found my love for writing again. I made my blog and it will have it’s first birthday next month. Making my blog is one of my proudest achievements, even though it needs more work and consistency, it’s still something I created and work on every day. I am always looking for new ideas and content. #contentcreator

Naomi Yazmin

One of my blogger highlights of 2017, is London Fashion week, I loved every single day, it was so fun and a totally new experience for me. I made some great friends and the atmosphere stayed with me, even days after. I can’t wait for the next LFW.

So is it a new year and a new me? I’m not changing, I’m just getting better boo. Sometimes, I reflect on decisions I’ve made in the past and work out if they were the best decisions to make. If I realise they weren’t, I know it’s my job, to do things differently. Even if you did make some dodgy choices last year, know that it’s okay to give yourself a reboot. Give yourself a second chance or ten more. We learn and grow every day.  This year, everyone needs to remember to go at their own pace and not compare themselves to anyone else. Everyone has their own path to follow. Make 2018, your year.

The Golden Perspective Blog

I don’t really do new year resolutions, only because I find it hard to follow through with them, which is really bad. But this year I have given myself little mile stones and goals instead. I prefer this and I find it more realistic. I’m going to share three with you..

In 2018, I will..

Travel more

I would love to leave England, at least three times this year. My dream holiday destinations include Dubai, Bali and Thailand. I am so ready to be an Island bae and see sea blue and clear, with the odd sandy beach. I definitely wouldn’t complain. It feels so great to travel and let your hair down. Plus my Instagram feed would love some holiday pictures.

Be consistent / Grow my blog

I want to be consistent in everything I do but mostly with my blog. I am aiming to post more posts. It would be fantastic, if I posted two per week. I’ve been focusing on my Instagram a lot lately, by trying to post often and make my feed look pretty. But this year, I want to try and produce the best content ever. I will push myself more, stay far away from my comfort zone and invest in my passion.

Focus on my health and body

This is a huge one for me. I have never been the gym or work out type but this year, I want to work out more and eat healthier. Seeing so many people work out and live their best lives at the gym has motivated me a little bit. I might even try going vegan for a short while.

I cut meat out of my diet last year for a month and it was hard! Although I loved eating Fish more often. Sushi is my life. I haven’t tried something as drastic as going vegan but I would. Some say, it isn’t hard and some say it is. To me, it is drastic as I would be changing and cutting out a lot from my diet. At the same time, I would be willing to try it out. As they say, health is wealth. I went to Zumba for a while and I loved it so much. I think, I might try something new this year like Yoga or Boxing, I want to see how it makes me feel and see what kind of difference it makes. I will also blog my progress. I am so ready to be the best version of myself. #Loveyourself


Go on, 2018 won’t wait..

Naomi x

Outfit deets : So I raided Primark which is something I do often. A lot of people avoid Primark because they hear invisible rumours, that it is cheap with bad quality or ‘off trend’ clothes. However they sell lots of dupes and clothes almost identical to other high street brands.

You just need style and the magic eye. Hun, you should be able to make an outfit out of anything! No matter, where it’s from. If you have style, you’ll know which clothes to pick up, anywhere.

I love watching hauls and shopping in Primark. However I only buy certain things from there. I am selective but I do go in there often and pick up some cute bits. They sell everything in Primark nowadays. Shoes, sweets, lights. It’s like a huge department store. Let’s stop screaming when we see something we like on a friend and they say ‘it’s from Primark’. Did you know they love Primark in the States? #Primania

Majority of the clothes, I am wearing in this shoot, are from Primark which shows you can find some awesome items in there! I am a huge fan of chunky knits and Chelsea boots for Winter.

Black skirt & black jumper – Primark

Pink / Brown Jumper – Primark

Bag – Primark

Boots – H&M

Silver Boots – Primark

Pictures taken by Photographer Maria Bove

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