Five places in London that will have your back on pancake day..

Hello guys, I haven’t posted a foodie blog post in so long, so I thought I would give you guys a list of five restaurants that will have your back on Pancake day. Pancake day is the day before Valentine’s day but it’s probably more important than Valentine’s day to most. What do you have on your Pancakes? I’m not really a crazy toppings kind of person, I’m happy with Nutella or sugar. However some of the pancakes on this list are pretty unique. I hope you enjoy this post. I have been updating my Instagram a lot more recently so follow me @Naomi.Yazmin

Why do we celebrate Pancake day?

Pancake day marks the last day before Lent so people would traditionally use up their milk and eggs. Pancakes are made up of these ingredients and they are super tasty and easy to make. If you want to make your own, scroll down for one of my favourite recipes online.

1) The Diner

oreo pancake

I love The Diner. They serve authentic American food. I love their chicken and waffles and sweet potato fries. They also have a brand new vegetarian and vegan menu. The classic Diner pancake menu of Buttermilk, Blueberry, Banana and Choc-Chip will be joined by some limited edition pancakes especially for Pancake day. The menu includes :

Diner Oreo Cookie Pancakes

Vegan Choc – Strawberry Pancakes

Crispy Pecan, Bourbon & Banana Pancakes: Adults Only

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes

2) Ministry Pancake day rave

pancake rave

Now this is something really different and actually quite cool. A Pancake day rave! The tickets are only £3 and the rave is at Ministry of sound on February 13th 2018 10pm-4am. There are 1000 free pancakes for all those attending and a 1 am Pancake eating competition. The drinks start from £3 which is fantastically cheap for a club in London. There are three rooms of music and genres including Hip Hop, Trap, Grime, R&B. Old School Garage, Pop & Disco and Commercial House.

Book here :

3) Pancake day on the rooftop


Another quirky event. Pancake day on the rooftop is located at Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch, a bar and club with live music and installations on 3 levels and a roof garden barbecue. Queen of Hoxton will be serving a variety of Pancakes including Espresso Martini Pancakes (perfect for Coffee lovers) and you can enjoy Pancakes around a fire pit in the rooftop garden. Cute! There will also be a DIY station with sauces, spreads, fruit and sprinkles. Sounds perfect!

4) Pancake day at the Book Club 


Also in Shoreditch, the Book club hosts events & late night eating and drinking. Book club will be throwing an all day pancake party, from 9am-10pm. They also have Espresso Martini Pancakes which is odd. Is this a new craze? For those that prefer savoury, Book club will also serve Japanese savoury pancakes topped with Crispy Katsu Chicken, Bonito flakes, pickled ginger and seaweed. Interesting!

5) My Old Dutch

my old dutch

My Old Dutch Pancake house offers savoury and sweet pancakes as well as a selection of salads, traditional Dutch starters and desserts. The menu has a variety of Pancakes. I don’t think I’ve actually eaten a savoury pancake before. I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much as one filled with chocolate however My Old Dutch makes savoury Pancakes sound appealing. Why not try a Pancake with ratatouille, creamed spinach and grated cheese?

Fancy making your own? My favourite online Pancake recipe : Jamie Oliver’s banana Pancakes

Jamie Oliver pancakes

Happy Pancake eating.

Naomi x

(Pictures are not my own and are taken from the relevant websites)

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